Thursday, October 31, 2013

Date Number Five for 2013

This was probably our least exciting date night for the year, but it still counts!

Monday, Phil and I went to an Infant CPR class at the hospital I'm going to deliver David. {It's also where Jillian was born!} We got our babysitter lined up, and headed to the class. I only took a picture of the folder they gave us because I felt funny taking a picture of the baby they gave us. It was a pretty full class, and I didn't want to be that  person ;) We both showed the teacher how we would administer CPR and the choking guidelines. I'm happy to report that we both passed :)
{Lots of good info, though the video was much more dramatic than I remember}

After the class, we went to a local ice cream store for some deliciousness!
{Phil got a brownie, hot fudge sundae thing, and I had a double dip cone. The top flavor was Egg Nog, which is a favorite of mine! Usually they are low or out when I ask for it closer to Christmas, so I was excited to get some now :) The bottom flavor was Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate frozen yogurt. I never had it before, but it was super delicious! I will definitely get it again}

{Obligatory couple photo}

When we got home, Jillian had been crying off and on, so we ended up sitting with her on the couch for about 30 minutes before she was calm enough to sleep. She has a small cold on top of her allergies, so I think that's what the problem was. She's doing better today, but we'll see how tonight goes.

The last date night of the year will be more traditional than this one. It was still fun to spend some one-on-one time with one of my favorite guys in the world :)

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