Friday, October 4, 2013

Five Friday Fragments

I'm not very good with link ups, so I thought I'd come up with something similar to what others are doing without actually participating. Seems like a lot of extra work huh? Well, I am barely functioning brain-wise lately so I'm lucky I have a full thought right now! {Thanks pregnancy brain!}

Anyways, so here are my Five Friday Fragments

1. Remember how I was complaining about September? Well, Jillian would complain about October if she could. Poor girl threw up because of allergies on Tuesday, scraped and skinned her right knee, {first time too}, on Wednesday, and last night she slipped in the tub and bit her tongue to the point that it bled. It has been pretty hard on me too. I can't stand that she keeps hurting herself :( I'd rather have a second crappy month in a row than this! Hopefully today will not bring any harm to Jillian. {Dear Lord, please protect her! If anything else, make me burn my hand or something. Just spare her!}

2. My mom lost her phone earlier this week. I felt bad because she had just come for her visit and took several photos and videos of Jilly. Well, she apparently did those on her iPod touch and didn't lose anything like that! The only important stuff she lost was her contacts. Luckily, she has a functioning phone again. It was a long 30 hours not being able to call her ;)

3. Jillian and I are meeting Phil for lunch! I don't think he's running an experiment today, so he will get an actual lunch break! Some days, even if he packs a lunch, he won't get to it until after 3 pm if he gets to eat at all. Plus, it'll be nice to see him during the day on a weekday!

4. Halloween is coming!! Over the last few years, Phil and I have really warmed up to this holiday. I have fun decorating the house with fall/Halloween decor, and going to a local haunted castle (when I'm not ready to pop out a baby)! We are noticing that we need a few more kid-friendly things in our home. With that in mind, we're going to get a new decoration a year that's a little less scary. We got some window clings from Target for $3, so we might get one more for the year. Plus, Jillian is loving Mickey Mouse, so something along those lines will be more kid-appropriate :)

5. I'm excited for my baby shower tomorrow! I know it's going to be so much fun, and I get to hang out with some pretty awesome ladies :) Phil is going to be there briefly because he is making bacon for the food table. {I'm very particular about my bacon, which is why he's in charge} We've been joking around and calling him the Bacon Master! HAHA

Do y'all have any plans for the weekend?

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