Monday, October 28, 2013

Getting Things Done

It's no secret that I've been lax about blogging lately. This is for two main reasons: 1) I'm exhausted all. the. time. It's getting harder to breathe/move/do anything but be pregnant right now, and I have a toddler to chase around. 2) We have gotten so much done on our baby deux to-do list lately!! I went from over 30 items when I first typed it up to 14 as of this morning! One of them will be crossed off after tonight because Phil and I are going to an Infant CPR class. So things are happening, I'm just not really blogging about them lately.

I thought I would write down a few memories from the last few weeks just so I can remember them :) So this is kind of a Miscellany Monday, but without the link up!
Last night was our church's Trunk or Treat! We went with a family costume theme, even though we hosted a game in our trunk that had nothing to do with our costumes ;) It was a nice evening, and Jillian did really well overall! Here are a few pictures from last night.
{Little Red Riding Hood, The Hunter, and The Wolf after he ate Grandma ;)}

{Jillian trying to round up customers to play our game!}
{Our game had kids throwing rubber chickens at a false prophet} 

{Jillian and her Daddy :)}
My brother and his girlfriend came to visit last week! They came for a friend's wedding, then stayed for the next week trying to visit as many friends and family as they could. I can't remember the last time I saw them, and I was so bummed when Phil got to see my brother last month when he was in Seattle. It didn't feel like enough time, but we had fun catching up! Even though Jillian was unsure at first, she warmed up to both of them quickly. I can't believe the next time we see them, I'll have another baby for them to hold!
Jillian's Listening for Littles class went to a pumpkin patch last Monday! It was chilly, (and she was a little more scared of the animals in the petting zoo than I anticipated), but we had fun. Plus, I was able to get pictures in her cute fall shirt :)
{While the other kids went to the petting zoo, Jillian made a bee line for the swing! HAHA} 

{Admiring the cool, but loud, geese} 

 {Sitting on a hay bale yelling "hay" as loud as she can}
{Earlier I tried to have her say "cheese" next to a pumpkin, but she corrected me by saying "pumpkin" instead. The age of correcting mom has already started ;)}

{Checking out the pumpkins by the exit}
I'm almost certain that David is officially heads down. The last 3 days, I've had to pee urgently, and constantly. While this new development is not ideal, I'm happy to think he's no longer breech. Of course, he could always move again, but for now he's where he should be!
After two more large purchases next month, we will be completely stocked up, and as prepared for David's arrival as we can be! I'll be so glad to get everything together and in the house. After making several lists and planning for months, it will all get done just in time. That's the best part about lists right?
Anyone else bored with their TV shows? It could just be my attitude right now, but I feel like they are all going so slow. Not much is happening, and I feel like I'm just wasting time in front of a TV when I could just read the recaps later. To be fair, not all of my shows are making me feel this way.
We decided that Jillian is still a little young to go door-to-door on Halloween. Plus, it's going to be cold and rainy leading up to Halloween. We'll still dress her up and take pictures though! Do you have any Halloween plans?

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  1. So fun and so productive! You need stretches of time like that when you have a baby on the way! We will probably just stop at a few neighbors houses on Halloween, should be chilly and wet here too.


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