Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How You Know You're A Mom to a Toddler Girl

I've been thinking lately about how different life is going to be like with a boy. I'm so used to being a girl mom, that I sometimes worry I won't know what to do with a boy; especially once he becomes an active toddler like Jillian. Overall, I think the transition will be easier than I imagine, {it almost always is}, and I look forward to learning :)

That got me thinking of all the ways I'm a mama to a toddler girl. Can you relate to these? Do you have any to add?
  • You hear the phrase "Ooooo pretty" more often than "Awesome!" (Though you do hear both!)
  • You have a mixture of dolls, cars, puzzles, dinosaurs, and stuffed animals
  • There is always one shirt in the closet that gets glitter everywhere
  • Husbands use the term "cute" and do not feel weird about it
  • You end up in the clothing and/or shoe section of stores like Target, even though you know she has plenty to wear
  • You learned the hard way that eating dirt/random things off the floor, and picking up dead or alive bugs is not just something boys do
  • Hair bows double as an accessory, and a toy for the car
  • Pictures of animals are awesome, but seeing them in real life can be scary
  • Pink can go with anything
  • Though she be small, she is mighty :)

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