Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 To-Do List Update

I kept the post with my 2013 To-Do List updated throughout the year. If you'd like to see, just go here. I did want to make a few notes on some of these.

3) Find a dentist and go in for an exam -
I did find a dentist and had an appointment set up for 12/19. It has been far too long since I've seen the dentist, but figured it was time after 2 pregnancies and having insurance. Well, unfortunately, Phil's company was going to be switching providers for dental insurance. I was told it would be done well before December, but it still hasn't happened. The current insurance we have is out of network, and we don't have the money to pay out of pocket for this visit. So, I have a dentist, but will have to wait until the new insurance is in effect to make an appointment. When will that be? I was told in early 2014, which means it'll be late summer ;)

4) Find an eye doctor and go in for an exam -
Due to my eye emergency in January, I have an eye doctor picked out. In fact, Phil even visited for his annual appointment in August. Well, I kept forgetting to scheduling an appointment with them, but it worked out. I think they considered my emergency exam an annual, so now I'll just schedule it next month :)

7) Fix attic ladder -
This was actually on my baby deux to-do list as well. There were some disagreements about how exactly we should go about fixing this. I have since relinquished my control opinion and will just wait until Phil and his dad figure out how to do it. Hopefully it'll get done in 2014 so I can utilize the storage space. We shall see...

Overall, I feel like I was pretty successful in my list. And the things that didn't get done are not a big deal :) I will be revising what we consider a date for 2014 because we kind of had to find loop-holes to make a few of our dates count! HAHA

I will have a new list of to-dos for 2014. Do you have any plans/resolutions/to-dos for 2014 already?

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