Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jillian's 2nd Birthday Celebration: {Photo Update}

For Jillian's birthday, we actually had a pretty full day. We decided months ago that we wouldn't worry about throwing a party because we had no idea when David would make his grand entrance. {This worked out for me by being one less thing to worry about.} I was hoping to do something while my parents were in town, but my dad had to leave so quickly that nothing happened. Then Phil's grandma passed away, and her funeral was the day after Jillian's birthday. After watching the weather, we decided to go to Tulsa on Thursday so we could avoid some freezing rain.

Honestly, even though it was low key, I think we all had a great time :) Here are some pictures of our day!

{I don't have a photo of it, but we started the day by singing "Happy Birthday" as a family to wake up Jillian. It went much better than last year when we went in singing, but she was still sleeping soundly and wouldn't wake up ;)}

{We took Jillian to get donuts for breakfast!}
{Top Left: Phil and Jillian with our breakfast tray Top Right: David sleeping soundly next to mama} {Bottom Left: Jillian double fisting Bottom Right: The powdered sugar aftermath} 

{After breakfast, we had Jillian's class. We were the first ones there so Jillian had fun with some quiet play time :)}
{Her sweet teacher let her wear a birthday tiara, but it of course wasn't on her head long. We also took a special snack to share with class. We called it "Jill's Mix"- it consisted of Rice Chex, mini-marshmallows, raisins, and Goldfish crackers in individual snack bags. It was definitely a hit!}

{Right after class, we had to run to the doctor's office. It's so weird being there with two kids now! Luckily, Phil was there with me to keep Jillian from messing with the Christmas tree help} 

{After the doctor, we got some McDonald's so Jillian could have some french fries!}

{I don't have a photo of it, but we Facetimed with my dad after lunch since he had a late meeting that day. She opened his card and gift, and was so glad to talk to Gee-Chaz :)} 

{After everyone had full tummies and clean diapers, we jumped in the car and headed to Tulsa}

{We caught up with Phil's parents, then brother and sister-in-law. Then we ordered Rib Crib to-go for dinner, and had a nice time just being together}

{Present time!}
{I got my mom on Skype to watch as Jillian opened all her gifts. I think Jilly was pretty happy with everything she received :)} 

{And of course, the most important part of a birthday; the cake! (or cupcake in this case)}

Oh, and here's a cute story I want to remember. We all kept telling her "Happy Birthday" so she started saying "Happy Birfday" to everyone in the room. She even tried giving her still wrapped up gifts to everyone in the room. {She's still saying "Happy Birfday.... to you!" today ;)}

And that was our small, but great celebration of all things Jillian!

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