Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day {2013}

After we were all set for Christmas morning, Phil and I exchanged one small gift. We both got movies we wanted :) Phil decided to stay up and watch his movie while we waited for David's next feeding. In the middle of the movie, my phone made a sound...

{Christmas is happening?! Oh thank goodness there's an alarm for that ;)}

We actually got a decent amount of sleep, even with newborn feedings thrown in. We got out of bed and moved David into the living room a little after 7:30 am.
{He was clearly very excited about his first Christmas!}

After we were sure Jillian was up and awake, we got her out of bed. I have a video of her walking from her room to the living room, but I haven't uploaded it yet. She was clearly very excited about her "red car" :)
{Poor girl is still in shock, and maybe a little sleepy}

{After she high-fived the car's eyes, she decided it also needed a big hug!}

{Then, she started to climb in the wrong side}

{Daddy showed her how to open the door and climb in safely ;)}

{Pure childhood joy!}
{That is also very much an expression I've seen on many childhood photos of Phil}

{Go daddy go!}

We looked in our stockings to see what Santa brought us. We all got some good things!
A tradition my family has is now a tradition we do with our little family. After the stockings have been checked, we read the Christmas story according to Luke. It is important to us that we are mindful of the ultimate gift we celebrate Christmas day, and enjoy all year round :)
{Everyone listening to the story from the bible}

Once the story is read, and we talk about Jesus, it's time to open gifts! We were still waiting on Phil's family to come over, so we improvised by eating breakfast and playing with our stocking toys.
{Jillian loved David's Gloworm, even though she already has one for herself}
{In fact, she played with all of his toys throughout the day. Good thing he doesn't care right now!}

Just like for Jillian's first Christmas, I had to take pictures of David in my family Christmas sack! HAHA It's not a real sack, but my babies are small enough that it looks like it ;) This is something my brother wore on his first Christmas in 1983. I would have too, but being a March baby meant I didn't fit into it. So far, all my babies fit just fine :)
{My sweet boy looking like a stylish monk}

And comparing my kids in the same family sack: {It's a tie! They're both cute ;)}
{Left: Jillian 2011, Right: David 2013}

Phil had a bow tie from his baby days that he wants to take pictures of David in too!
{Looking classy there Mister David!}

Finally, I wanted a few picture of his Christmas outfit I picked out :)
{Are ya done yet ma? I'm getting tired of all this!}

{Santa butt :)}
{Jillian had a reindeer butt for her special outfit (or OOTD) in 2011}

As Phil made some pancakes for breakfast, I turned around to see this...
{Jillian putting David's bow tie on his head like a hair bow! HAHA}

{Christmas pancakes, and some lemon drop water*}
{*When my throat hurts, I sometimes put lemon juice and honey in hot water and call it lemon drop water. It really helps!}

{What's Christmas breakfast without Super Why on Netflix?}

Shortly after finishing breakfast, Phil's family got to our house. We asked his mom to take our family photo before we changed clothes. With a two year old, it obviously went smoothly ;)
{This photo will remind me of the chaotic blessing that is my current season in life ;)}

It's amazing what 365 days will do to ya, if that includes having another baby!
{Top: 2012, Bottom: 2013}

We got Jillian dressed in her Christmas outfit, then Phil and I got dressed ourselves.
{Jillian finished her episode of Super Why, and David got some Aunt Jessica snuggles :)}

Jillian decided she wanted to hang out in her red car for most of the morning. It was pretty cute!
{Watching everyone open their gifts}

I passed out presents so I don't have any action shots. It was all that exciting anyways ;)
We were lucky enough to Skype with my parents and brother so we could see them too! We "exchanged gifts" by opening our gifts on our side of the computer. It's not the same, but it's better than just a phone call!
{The Christmas 2013 Aftermath}

We are blessed to have quite the cook in our family! Jessica, (Phil's sister-in-law), made a beef tenderloin for our Christmas dinner. It was very delicious, and even Jillian ate more meat than anything else on her plate! {She would cry out "More meat!" as soon as she finished}
{Uncle Mike trying to get Jillian in trouble by running over Papa Jim!}
{Uncle Mike is always doing something... HAHA}

{David was overcome with excitement and slept most of the afternoon}
{All in all, I think he had a great first Christmas that he'll never remember, but we will never forget :)}

After we cleaned up, Jillian took a nap, and the grownups played a game of Apples to Apples. Once the game was over, it was time for the family to head home.

We had a great day, and I'm so thankful for my wonderful family that I was born and married into!

It's hard to think that this was Jillian's third Christmas with us! {And boy has she changed!}
{Left: 2011, Center: 2012, Right: 2013}
{And yes, that is the only non-blurry picture I have of her this year. 2 year olds are hard to convince to look at the camera with a a smile :)}

Merry Christmas to all y'all! And a happy, and healthy, new year!

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