Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Special Letter from Daddy to You... Because I Love You and Because You're Two

Jillian Rose,

Another year has come and gone and here we are once again celebrating another year of your life. I wrote on your first birthday that when I looked at you I saw a world's worth of potential. As I write this letter on your second birthday you only continue to amaze and astound me. Even though we spent a good part of the year preparing for the arrival of your baby brother, you still had so many significant milestones that are worth mentioning.

Just a few months into the year, you decided at last that it was time to become fully mobile and after just a couple of days of effort you took your first steps. It was amazing to watch your perseverance pay off. I'll never forget the big smile on your face as you stumbled towards your mother. She and I were so excited for you even as we knew that this opened up a whole new world of possibility for you and trouble excitement for us.

As you mastered walking, you also began working on another skill: talking. While you took a little longer to open up verbally with all the thoughts in your head, you've since taken to letting us know what is on your mind with reckless abandon. :) I remember talking to your mother just after you were born and telling her, 'I wonder what her voice will sound like?' Now here we are and I'm just beginning to be able to hear you speak. The sound of it fills me to overflowing with pride for your ability. I'm so proud of the fact that you can say Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and your ABCs (though you still need a little prompting here and there). This continues to affirm to me that you will do great things someday.

There are many other things you have accomplished this year (weaning off the bottle, using sippy cups, feeding yourself, etc.). You dealt with being away from mama for an entire week (granted it meant that grandma got to come visit). You started preschool and learned how to handle a set routine. You joined us in welcoming your baby brother into our family, an event which has changed all of our lives (for the better, of course).

And now you are embarking on your third year of life. I know there are many more experiences coming in the next year. Some will be triumphs which we will continue to happily celebrate. There may be the occasional disappointment, but your mama and I will always be here to help you along. And through it all you will continue to grow into a beautiful young woman, a kind and generous person and an adventurous spirit. I can't wait to see what the next year holds for all of us, but I know that there's no other little girl in the entire world I'd rather spend it with. I love you, Jillian!


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  1. So beautiful, these letters will be such a blessing when she is older!


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