Tuesday, December 3, 2013

David's Birth Story - {The Short Version with Pictures}

Instead of a Week 40 Update, I get to give you the short version of David's birth! Look out for the whole story later :)

I woke up close to 5 am on Sunday, December 1st, and felt contractions. After traveling through some thick fog, we made it to the hospital. By 8:50, we were being moved into a delivery room, and David was born at 9:20 am. It only took 4ish hours of labor, and about 3-4 pushes to get him out! I did not have any pain medication because we just didn't have time. Again, check out the long story to hear about that.

Now for what you're really wanting to see... pictures!

{Since he arrived so fast, our bags were still in the car. All of our first photos of David are from our phones. We got the camera later that afternoon.}
{Last baby bump picture!}
{Of course, what you don't see is me doubled over in pain as soon as this was taken}

 {David resting after his big entrance}

{Jillian sitting with mama in her big bed} 

{David was not a fan of his bath :(} 

{He did like the hair washing though!} 

{Happy Sunny Boy :)} 

{Jillian officially meeting David} 

{She wanted to high five him, but we convinced her gentle hugs were better :)} 

{A comparison of my sweet babies!}
{Top: Jillian; Bottom: David} 

{My boys resting in the hospital} 

{Loaded in the car and ready to head home!}

{The four of us at home and ready to start the next chapter :)}


  1. Congratulations, such a beautiful family! Can't wait for the long version.

    1. Thanks Lesa!
      It's a doozy, so thanks in advance for reading it ;)


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