Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Review


I picked my word and verse for the year.
I described a very embarrassing moment that happened during church.
I stepped out of my comfort zone so that Jillian could experience new things.
I did a list of things that describe the real me.
A photo update helped me end the month.

{Taken on 1/28/13}


February didn't start off super great, but Jillian was still being cute.
I expressed my thoughts about being a traditionalist in terms of the church.
Ended the month with another photo dump.

{Taken on 2/4/13}


Phil and I went on our first date of the year.
I turned 27 :)
The day after my birthday, I had a little secret that I revealed a month later.
Jillian participated in her first Easter Egg Hunt.
Phil and I went on our second date, but I didn't blog about it until April.

{Taken on 3/10/13}


I blogged about our second date of the year.
I ran a second 5K with Phil and my dad.
I blogged about date #3 for the year.
Phil and I had a little 'splaining to do.

{Taken on 4/6/13}


We celebrated Mother's Day for the last time as a family of three.
Bad weather caused us to lose power during a string of severe storms.
Phil and I celebrated 5 years of marriage :)
I decided that I needed a new life mantra that my mother suggested.

{Taken on 5/12/13}


I reflected on the meaning of the word "irreplaceable."
The three (four) of us traveled to Chicago via train for a weekend with my parents. Recaps here and here.
Jillian turned 18 months old, which made her closer to 2 years old than I wanted to admit.
We celebrated Father's Day quietly.
I confessed how exhausted I was feeling because of Jillian's continued battle with allergies.
I starting feeling baby movements.

{Taken on 6/7/13}


I talked about some of my pregnancy projects.
I did another post about old wives' tales to guess bébé deux's gender. 
My Wordless Wednesday post was an ode to my mother on her birthday.

{Taken 7/10/13}


I had to start the trend of random posts because pregnancy brain officially took over.
I picked the brains of several mamas.
Chicken Roll Ups were on the menu for dinner thanks to Pinterest.
I revealed my first completed pregnancy project: a redecorated laundry room.
In celebration of being nearly a decade separated from high school, I wrote a letter to my 17 year old self.

{Taken 8/10/13}


We spent Labor Day Weekend in Branson for 24 hours and spent lots of time in the car.
Jillian started her Listening for Littles class.
I did a vlog about my glucose test results and how September was not going well.
Jillian turned 21 months and I wanted to remember what she was like.
Another pregnancy project reveal: coffee and tea bar.
My mom came for a short visit while Phil was out of town.

{Taken 9/5/13}


I talked in fragments.
David and I had a wonderful baby shower thrown by two good friends of mine.
Jillian got treated to ice cream after getting her flu shot.
Pressure of all kinds in my life.
Jillian's class went to a pumpkin patch.
I blogged about our fourth, and fifth, dates of the year.
Phil's mom and I took Jillian to the aquarium.
{Taken on 10/31/13}


We had a small Thanksgiving at home with my parents.

{Taken on 11/28/13}


We welcomed David to our family.
I wrote the long version of David's birth story since it was quite the day.
We had a big snow storm.
We said goodbye to my mom after she stayed to help.
Phil's grandma, (his last living grandparent), passed away.
Jillian turned two, and we had a small family party to celebrate.
I talked about surviving my first public outing alone with two babies to care for.
We celebrated our first holiday as a family of four: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

{Taken on 12/25/13}

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