Thursday, February 16, 2017

Baby C: Final Fourth Week 15 Update

It's hard to believe we're chugging along at 15 weeks already! It's slow days combined with fast weeks for sure. Phil has taken to calling baby Chaos. While it's true, I'm not sure that'll stick! {At least, I hope it doesn't!} Lots of flu and allergy stuff going around. I'm a little sniffly today, but so far, (*knocks on wood*), we've escaped major illnesses for now. Let's pray that continues!!

Today's date: February 16, 2017

How far along: 15 Weeks 

Total weight gain: I maintained this week, (well, added 0.2 pounds, which is barely anything!), so I'm at a loss of 7 pounds!

Size and growth of baby: Final Fourth is the size of an naval orange, or an eclair! Legs are longer than the arms as baby continues to grow. They are wiggling around with functioning joints, and swallowing amniotic fluid! {via}

Baby is a: baby! I should be able to make my ultrasound appointment at my next OB appointment in March!

Maternity clothing: I wear maternity pants consistently, but shirts are still a mix of maternity and regular. I need replacement PJ pants because two of my ripped this week :(

Sleep: I am not getting restful sleep. I have some ideas why, but it makes me very tired and irritable during the day. Hopefully, I'll find a solution soon. Even Phil seems to be tossing and turning more than usual.

Movement: I have felt some flutters recently, and even Phil felt a little movement the other night! Keep it up baby :)

Cravings/Aversions: Cravings are salad with ranch, chicken, pumpkin, (like pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake pops...), baby carrots, and fruit. Aversions are the same.

Morning Sickness: In terms of nausea, I'm doing good. Smells still get to me, and I need to remember to eat on a schedule. Other than that, pretty good comparatively :)

Symptoms: A little heartburn, some nausea, headaches, gassy, cranky, peeing a fair amount, and exhausted.

Labor Signs: None

Belly button in or out: In

How this pregnancy is different than the first three: My weight is pretty steady, and I'm getting daily headaches. Otherwise, it's similar to at least one part of all three.

The best moment of this past week: The gender reveal for my niece(!) this past weekend, finding out about another pregnancy at church, (yay for babies!), and getting a chance to just relax a little.

What I miss: Nothing at all!

I'm looking forward to: Getting to week 16 without any bleeding, finding out the gender of our baby, and visiting my folks in the next few months!
Now to compare pictures :)
{Left: Jillian 2011 Middle Left: David 2013} 
Middle Right: Lottie 2016 Right: Lexie 2017}

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