Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lottie: {Six Months}

Lottie –

You are six months old today! How are we already here with you halfway through the first year of your life? Oh, I just can't wait to see what's in store for you :)

According to our measurements at home, you are 15 lbs, 14 oz and 25-3/4 inches long. We'll update with your official stats after your appointment on Tuesday.

A few 3-6 Month and 6 Month clothes are what you are wearing these days. You wear size 2 diapers, but we'll switching you to size 3 when this last pack is empty. You are not wearing shoes just yet.

You are eating an average of 34 oz of formula a day, and you get 5-6 feedings a day total. You drink Similac formula, with a little mix of Similac AR to help with spit up. We do a mixture of the two formulas to make sure it helps with your spit up, but also keeps you from getting backed up in the other department. You started solids! You like oatmeal ok, but you're getting tired of it already. You've also tried green beans, apples, and prunes. Green beans are your least favorite, but you LOVE prunes. You're also having a hard time adjusting to solids on the other end, so hopefully we'll figure out how to help you :)

No major illnesses this month, (hurray! and *knocks on wood*), but your sissy did get a bad gash on her forehead last week. We ended up all going to the emergency room to get her stitches late at night. You only cried when sissy was crying during the stitches. Otherwise, you were very well behaved!

You sleep for about 9-1/2 to 10-1/2 hours most nights. Lately, you really fight going to bed as soon as your bottle is empty. I don't know if you're lonely in your room alone, or just what. However, after a little holding and rocking, you'll drift off and sleep through the night. For naps, you nap off and on with no real "schedule", but that seems to work for you. If you do nap, you usually sleep for about 45 minutes or so. You can nap even with lots of noise, and you like the fastest swing setting accompanied by lullaby music! You still like to sleep with your face mostly covered.

Bath time is just ok. I think you've realized you get a bottle afterwards, so you're not usually too fussy.

No teeth yet, but we think your bottom right tooth is almost out! We'll see what happens! You do not like teething pain at all though. You don't seem impressed with teething rings either. You want either a cold wash cloth, or our hands/fingers. Whatever works!

We are constantly complimented about how sweet and well behaved you are. You do get fussy from time to time, but overall have a sweet demeanor. When you want to talk, you chat up a storm! You smile at us, and I think you are just starting to realize your name.

Things you love: the jumperoo (if you're in the mood), being tickled, food (especially your bottle), watching brother make silly faces, getting attention from sissy, the octopus on your playmat, your bear lovie, your sound machine giraffe, and being held. You don't enjoy: being hungry, being tired, being in a chair or swing when you want to be held instead, and loud barking.

You can roll both directions, and have begun scooting around a bit. No crawling yet, but you definitely want to! Sitting up is still a little wobbly for you. You're getting better every day! You also learned how to click your tongue this week, and it is hilarious!

You seem to have more hair than either Jillian or David at this point. We also feel like your eyes are lighter as well.

Lottie, we just love having you in our family. You are precious, and cuddle-y, and such a good baby! We love your smile as well as your stink face. It's a priviledge to watch you grow and learn more about you. May the next 6 months be as enjoyable as the first 6! We love you, Sugie!

And now a few outtakes:
{Kicking up that foot}

{What a nice face, sweet Lottie ;)}

{I caught her mid sentence. Whatever she was saying, she wanted to be heard!}

{She leans right into the bear when I put her next to it!}


{I don't know what she's looking at, but this face cracks me up!}

And a few comparisons :)
{Months 1-3}
{Months 4-6}

{Left: Jillian 6/2012 Middle: David 6/2014 Right: Lottie 2/2017}

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