Thursday, June 15, 2017

Baby C: Final Fourth Week 32 Update

This week has been hard. You would think after the busyness of VBS week, things would be nice and quiet. Well, a bug is going around our house. It's just a 48 hour bug where you have a very high fever, (104s), and chills for the first 24 hours, then a normal fever, (100s to 101s), the next 24 hours. No vomiting, {thank you, Jesus!}, no coughing, and nothing extra from general malaise. So far, only Jill and David have gone through it. Tonight or tomorrow will tell us if Lottie will or not. Hopefully, she and Phil will be spared. I'm pretty sure I'm in the clear, but prayers that it doesn't get me just because of the high temps. I think that would be bad for Lexie.

I'm also having a very emotional week for a few reasons. 1) I really miss my parents. 2) I was getting exhausted trying to care for myself, a clinging baby, and sick kiddos all week. 3) I was also trying to nest and organize because I couldn't at ALL last week. 4) I'm also realizing that our summer is pretty much booked solid, and Lexie will be here before I know it. Don't get me wrong, I'm ready to meet her. I also know that things will work out even if we're not fully prepared at home since she's the 4th baby. We have all the necessities, so we're ok. However, I just feel so unprepared for her arrival, that it was making me really upset. Phil talked me down quite a bit, which was helpful. {I feel like we've both been so busy that we haven't been able to connect or talk for a long time, and I miss him!} He promised after his work trip, we'd hit the ground running to finalize anything left on my Baby To-Do List. (The master list, because I do have multiple lists. Do you know me at all, people?!) 

Also, my BP is still looking great, (100/68 on Tuesday!), and Lexie's heart rate is a beautiful 140bpm everytime I go :) We're doing good physically, so I'm thankful for that!

Today's date: June 15, 2017

How far along: 32 Weeks

Total weight gain: 13 pounds

Size and growth of baby: Final Fourth is the size of a jicama, a plastic scooter board, or pan d'epi! She is around 3-3/4 pounds, close to 17 inches long, and plumping up for birth. She may have flipped to birthing position, which is heads down, but I'd be surprised! Final Fourth is starting to get crowded, which explains why mama is feeling out of breath, and having more heartburn than normal. {via and via}

Baby is a: girl!

Maternity clothing: Hanging in there. Most have stains or holes, but I can usually work around it. Just a few more weeks for them to last! I am to the point where I hate getting dressed. I feel like I wear the same things over and over, and it's just a big hassle.

Sleep: Surprisingly, (maybe not), I'm not sleeping well. I take that back, I'm getting somewhat restful sleep half the time, and the other half, I'm not sleeping long enough. Funny how that works. I don't have pregnancy insomnia or anything. My body is tired, but my eyes and mind are just never ready for bedtime.

Movement: She does well with her kick counts at bedtime! Lexie moves throughout the day, but not excessively. I think it's because I'm nesting and cleaning like crazy, so I'm lulling her to sleep with my movements. She has been making big movements that make my whole body shift if I laying down! 

Cravings/Aversions: Main cravings were banana pudding, fruit, Coke, and homemade nachos. Aversions are the same, though two things changed this week. 1) I figured out that RC Cola gave me instant heartburn. Back to regular Coca Cola for me! 2) We're going to try a recipe in the oven that will probably smell like a Crock Pot dinner. If it goes well, maybe we can bring the Crock Pot back out! Wish me luck...

Morning Sickness: None

Symptoms: Emotional, (I am feeling EVERYTHING and have cried over ridiculous stuff every other day! Sorry Phil), heartburn, sore breasts, nesting, gassy, cranky/easily irritable, lots of potty trips, round ligament pain, and exhausted.

Labor Signs: I only felt a handful of BH this whole week. Sometimes I'll feel her pushing on the nerve for my pelvis and that can hurt. However, nothing major. Let's keep it that way!

Belly button in or out: In

How this pregnancy is different than the first three: Minus a few minor details, it's pretty much the same.

The best moment of this past week: Getting through VBS week, and having a few nice moments with Phil.

What I miss: Mostly my parents, but otherwise nothing :)

I'm looking forward to: The weekend, getting things ready for Lexie's arrival, and meeting my friend's new baby next week!!
Now to compare pregnancy bumps :)

{Left: Jillian 2011 Middle Left: David 2013} 
Middle Right: Lottie 2016 Right: Lexie 2017}

Lexie Bump Comparison:

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