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Lottie: {Eleven Months}

Lottie –

You are eleven months old! In just 31 days, you'll be a 1 year-old. Oh my heart!

According to our at home measurements, you are 20 lbs, 14 oz and 28-1/4 inches long.

A few 9 Month, and 12 Month clothes are what you are wearing. You wear size 3 diapers, as well as special overnight diapers to keep you from having leaks at night. We may switch you to size 4 once we're out of our current stock of 3s. However, we may switch earlier if we need to. You could wear size 2 or 3 shoes, but you never like wearing anything on those feet of yours.

You are eating 5 bottles, and 1 main meal a day. You drink Similac formula, with a tiny mix of Similac AR to help with spit up. When we run out of the current AR can, we'll start introducing cow's milk with your regular formula. You use sippy cups sometimes, but you make it known that you'd rather have a bottle. You also like soft spouts over hard spouts or straws. You still prefer your bottles to solid foods. You are almost on a food strike, because you only eat plain Cheerios and puffs. We've tried other finger foods, but you take about 2 bites, then push it on the floor. You flat our refuse water. 

You sleep from about 9 pm to 7 or 7:30 am. You take 2ish naps a day. We've tried to get you to nap in the crib, but you sleep longer in the {non-swinging} swing. You are in the bad habit of sucking on your empty bottle to get to sleep. That's mostly our fault for letting you. However, you still won't take a pacifier, so we figured it wasn't too bad? I'm sure we need to just stop, but we'll see what your doctor tells us later. Overall, you're a good sleeper, and we are very thankful!

Bath time in the ducky tub is usually fun for you! You don't seem to have a preference for bubbles, so we usually don't bother. You don't get upset having water run down your face, which is a nice difference between you and your older siblings! You like two or three bath toys at a time.

You still only have four teeth! You act like more are coming, but we still don't see anything yet. You love to chew on whatever you can get your hands on. You drool a bit, but not excessively.

You are very active these days! You crawl with your tummy off the floor incredibly fast! So fast, in fact, that we usually have to close doors, (including the dog kennel!), so you don't slip in somewhere you should not. You can pull up to standing on just about anything, and started really cruising along the couch about 2 weeks ago. You can bend your knees to pick up things off the floor without sitting to do it! Walking toys are not really your thing, but you have pushed your rocking chair across the room. You clap, and just started waving! I love that your wave involves putting your ear to your shoulder, then flapping that hand towards the person you're waving at! You don't wave often, but it's adorable when you do! You also do this flirty look where you place one index finger on the side of your mouth, then squint your eyes.

We love your little personality! You are very sweet, and sometimes cuddly. However, when you are mad, you make fists with both hands and shake them as you yell! You mostly get mad/sad if mama or daddy don't pick you up to take you wherever they are going. It's getting really hard for mama to carry you, but you don't seem to think it should be a problem! HAHA You like being around people, and you're usually pretty good with strangers. You do not like when anyone, including your family, gets right in your face. You prefer personal space, unless it's your idea to climb into mama or daddy's lap. Any time we get on to you for doing something you should not, you usually just look at us, and grin as big as you can! You little stinker ;) Also, if someone hurts you, or your feelings, you give them a look as you cry as if to say, "How could you?! I'm the BABY!" Thankfully, you're not one to hold a grudge!

Things you love: being tickled, food (mostly your bottle), watching brother make silly faces, chewing on everything, getting attention from sissy, crawling, exploring the living room, "petting" Olive, blankets on your face, cruising, being with people (especially mommy and daddy), your sound machine giraffe, your special song mommy sings with your name, and being held.

You don't enjoy: being hungry, being tired, being in a chair or swing when you want to be held instead, and being startled.

Things you love that you shouldn't: playing in Olive's water dish, eating toilet paper, standing in your rocking chair, and chasing the vacuum cleaner!

Charlotte Eliza May, we just love you so! It's hard to believe that you're nearly a whole year old. We have loved every moment with you, and could not imagine life without you in it. Your smile just melts our hearts, and we can't wait to see what the future holds! Love you, Lottie!

And now a few outtakes:
{Sweet Girl!}

{Babies are so limber}

{Smiling for Daddy}

{Daddy is hilarious!}

{All the heart eyes <3}

{After this cute shot...}

{Lottie immediately cuddled with the bear!}

{Life with 3 is always interesting}

{Y'all, we laughed for a solid 5 minutes about this picture... particularly David's pose. He is such a ham! HAHAHAHA}

And a few comparisons :)
{Months 1-3}
{Months 4-6}
{Months 7-9}
{Months 10 & 11}

{Left: Jillian 11/2012 Middle: David 11/2014 Right: Lottie 7/2017}

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