Friday, April 27, 2012

Photo Friday: Catch Up!

Since I'm finally getting out of the sickness haze, I've realized just how much I've been gone. Here's a quick catch up, Photo Friday style!

Warning: Picture heavy and extreme cuteness ahead :)

{You mean to say you don't nap in this position? Oh... well, neither does Jillian} 

{Jillian is getting really good at siting up and using those ab muscles!}
{And that face? Priceless} 

{I've been helping cover the office this month and Jillian would come to work with me!}
{My little bookworm :) She grabbed the book like a normal person, but then did this so she could chew on it HAHA} 

{Precious little feet} 

{Monday was not so great for me. I was wearing my maternity pants even though they're huge on me because my regular jeans are still a little snug. Well, I went to sit on the floor and this happened} 

{This is one of the many reasons why I love Phil. Even though he's working, he still makes time for his daughter :) And her arm being there? That's just adorable!} 

{Spit bubbles} 

{My precious baby at 19 weeks!} 

{Shortly after, the toes made their way into her mouth HAHA} 

{If you look under the "g" in blogspot, you can see her first tooth emerging!} 

{Getting our bottle at the OKC Festival of Arts} 

{With daddy in the shade. Even though it was warm, it was a beautiful day!} 

{Our lunch! Honey Pepper Bacon Chicken Sandwich, and a Strawberry Newport! Very yummy :)} 

{I love this girl!!} 

{Distracted by everything going on :)}

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. OMG she is the cutest!! Love her!!

    And so glad you're feeling better, mama :)


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