Wednesday, April 11, 2012


  • I don't know if anyone else has tried out the new Blogger layout, but it's definitely different. I think when internet pages are this clean cut and simple, it makes me worried that I'll make a mistake easier. Complete opposite of the intention? Oh of course. I never make things easy ;)
  • It has been quite a whirlwind couple of days for me. I'm sure it feels more so because I'm not sleeping well. Let me rephrase: I am sleeping several hours, but I'm not getting quality sleep. I do not feel rested when I wake up, and I'm having some funky dreams. For example, my dream last night involved me slowly shaving my head with a single blade razor while Phil watched curiously. He didn't stop me, but watched as if he wanted to. Weird right?
  • Jillian decided she was excited for the Easter bunny and woke up at 4:45 a.m. on Easter Sunday. She hasn't done this since she was 7 weeks old! Phil gave her about 4 ounces of formula and she went back to sleep. She hasn't done it again so we're hoping it was a fluke. (Please oh please just be a fluke!)
  • Jillian's 4 month check up was on Tuesday morning. I won't post stats because that'll go in her 4 Month post tomorrow :) However, we found out some lovely insurance stuff. What I mean is, the insurance we have for Jillian is through the university Phil is attending for grad school. We ran around for 2 months last fall trying to get as much information as possible because we would have paid for a private plan just for Jillian if it gave her better benefits. We were told in October that, if we did a referral appointment when Jillian was a few days old, they would cover our pediatrician in town since we live 30 minutes from campus. (Did I mention they don't have a pediatrician on staff because it's a university campus health center?) So we take Jillian to an appointment when she's only 7 days old and thought we covered our bases. Now? The insurance company won't cover her pediatrician, they haven't said if they'll cover her hospital stay (This one gets to me the most. Really? Your campus health center isn't equipped for labor and delivery you jerks!), and won't cover her vaccinations. That meant we couldn't get vaccines done at her appointment yesterday. Long story short, we did get her vaccines, and we're going to be on the phone a lot to figure this whole mess out. Ugh.
  • I got to use the new vacuum cleaner I got from the in-laws as a belated birthday gift. Y'all, I'm in love. Seriously. This thing is SO much better than our old one! I happily vacuumed the whole apartment on Monday and felt so accomplished afterwards. Between a new vacuum and a label maker I got from my parents? I'm pretty sure I'm a cleaning and organizing maniac who needs to seek professional help an adult.
  • Phil had a good meeting with his advisor and his future boss today. It looks like things are settling again and he may just finish his degree at the end of May like he is supposed to! I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, but it's ok to be optimistic, right? Right :)
  • A few photos for you. Enjoy!
{All dressed up for the doctor!} 

{Proof she can sleep anywhere if she's tired enough, even if it's the doctor's exam table} 

{Her vaccine battle scars} 

{Guess who came to work with mama today?} 

{Borrowing a swing from my coworker to stay entertained}

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