Monday, October 15, 2012

A Glimpse of Jillian

I know I already posted once today, but I really want to record some Jillian stuff. Skip if you'd like :)

First of all, we went to a local church pumpkin patch on Saturday. It was windy and overcast, so no one else was there. It was perfect :) We took a few photos, then picked out our pumpkins.

Both yesterday and today, she has been quite the chatterbox! Not only is she babbling, she is pointing to things so we can tell her what they are. Today at the grocery store, she almost said "apples" fairly audibly! I was so proud :) Most of the time, she just babbles though. When I went to put the groceries in the car, I put her in her seat first. I figured she'd be fine while I loaded the bags in the trunk, and did not buckle her in. Because my Jeep does not have automatic door locks, I locked all the doors, and headed toward the cart on the other side of the car. As I grabbed the first bag, I look in the window and see her leaning over the side. Worried she'd fall out, I rushed to unlock the doors. By the time I got to her, her little butt was in the air as she squealed happily while she grasped her long lost toy. I put her back in her seat, then buckled her up. Clearly she's too squirmy to be left alone like that.

Today, she also stood up in her crib for the first time. She was supposed to be napping, so I called my mom to chat. I heard her start to cry, so I glanced at the video monitor we recently got. I noticed she was on her feet and hanging her head over the railing. Turns out, she dropped her pacifier on the floor. Well, Phil lowered her crib while I went to work out  this evening. Hopefully it'll be awhile before we have to move it again. I'm proud of her for doing it, but it did scare me a bit!

I really thought I saw the beginning of her top middle tooth on her right side, (the central incisor) start to poke out. She got her bottom teeth in mid-May. Now I can't see that tooth as well, but her bottom second tooth on her right side, (the lateral incisor), is coming out! I'm glad she's finally getting some more toofers :)


  1. Too cute! The first time Ethan stood up in his crib, he was 8 months old, and I walked into his room after a nap to see it...I was so surprised! We had to lower it, then lower it to the absolutely lowest the next week! Hope that's not the case with you! ;) Those kids.

    1. Thanks girl! We may need to move it again soon. She's learned to pull up to standing after we lowered it. They definitely make life interesting ;)


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