Friday, October 12, 2012

Jillian: {Ten Months}

Jillian –

You are ten months old today! I can’t believe we’re in double digits already! Get used to me commenting on how fast you are growing because I just can’t wrap my head around it. According to our at-home measurements, you are 17 lbs, 16 oz and 27 3/4 inches long. We will ask to weigh you next week for your second flu shot just to be sure that number is accurate :)

You still have a few 6 Month outfits, but you are mostly in 6-9 Month, 9 Month, and a handful of 12 Month clothes. You wear size 3 diapers.

Eating is a little funny right now. You are really great at picking up food and putting it in your mouth! I’ve been giving you more and more table food because pureed food just seems to bore you now. However, you don’t eat very much, but down your bottle. I guess you’re on a mini solid food strike for now. Hopefully this phase won’t last too long. I’m not too worried about you not eating enough, but I will call the doctor if I need to. You LOVE Cheerios. If you don’t eat anything else, you will eat Cheerios until you’re full. Your two favorite finger foods are Cheerios, and plain wheat toast.
You have 6 more days of Zantac and then you’re done! It has been quite an adjustment giving it to you once a day instead of twice, but you don’t seem to mind ;)

No new teeth yet. We’re still waiting!

You are a mover and a shaker! You army crawl so fast now that you really keep me on my toes. You can now sit in crawling position, but your belly falls back down once you get moving. Everyday you get closer to crawling with your belly off the ground. You can pull up to your knees, but need help getting all the way up to your feet. If we help and prop you against the couch, or ourselves, you can stand for at least 30 seconds before you fall on your butt. We recently baby proofed most of the house. I think you like that I’m not constantly moving you away and that you get to explore independently. However, we may need a baby gate or two just to be on the safe side. You crawl all over you daddy and I, or any toys in your way. If you see something you want, you go for it! You’re starting to chase the cats around, and it is the funniest thing. You do seem to understand the word “No” and listen to me about 9 times out of 10. I try to only say “no” if it’s a dangerous situation so you know that I mean it. Sometimes I do have to put you in the Pack n Play to cook dinner, but you’ve realized its purpose. You will cry and cry until I rescue you from “prison”.

Sleep is good most days. You nap between 1 and 2 hours twice a day. You woke up a few times in the middle of the night lately, but you also had a cold at the time! We appreciate you sleeping through the night when you’re well though :)

You love to get chatty, but you’re only saying “mama” and “dada” consistently. However, you seem to at least say the correct number of syllables when we say a new word to you! The other night, you told your daddy “no” for the first time, and there was no mistaking what you said! You also seem to be getting close to the words “cat” and “quack”. I can’t wait for you to really start talking! You also point at things and make sounds, which is big too! You understand simple commands and questions such as “Ready for your bottle?”, “Do you want to play with the _____?”, “Grab the _____”, “Turn the page”, “Want mama to pick you up?”, and “Come to mama/dada”. If you’re not distracted, you can point to animals you are familiar with such as cats, dogs, lions, ducks, and monkeys. Even if you don’t point to them, if we say an animal name and make the sound, you smile really big as if you understand exactly what we’re saying.

You went to your first football game this past month! Even though it wasn’t a really happy game, and mama got severely sunburned, you had a good time and didn’t get sunburned at all.
Strangers are not a big deal for you, yet. However, if there is a group of people talking to each other instead of admiring you, you’ll get fussy until everyone turns and smiles at you. We may have a diva on our hands already. ;)

Although you like most of your toys, the simplest things make you happy. The other day, you played with a red plastic cup for about 25 minutes straight before you were ready for something different. You love shoelaces, mirrors, dancing/music, and cups. The other day, you found daddy’s credit card and put it in and out of cup for about 15 minutes. The fact that you liked daddy’s credit card is probably a sign of things to come HAHA

Clapping is your newest trick and you do it all the time!

You still love bath time, but you’re really good at letting us know you’re ready to get out. If we ask “Do you want out?”, you raise up your arms and look at us.

Books are still fun for you and you’re really great at turning pages!

I started reducing the amount of time the TV is on just in the background and I feel like it’s really helped you concentrate on what you’re doing. You eat better, and you have more fun playing when you’re not distracted. You get to watch 1 show on TV and 1 episode of Yo Gabba Gabba on Netflix. Other than that, I have the TV off during the day.

Jillian, you have truly blessed our lives! Watching you grow and try new things is such a delight. Know that we’re proud of you and love you very much :)

A just a few outtakes for fun:
{Mid-sentence babbling} 

{Giving mama a heart attack by leaning really far over} 

 {This happened at least 7 times during the 10 minutes I tried to take pictures}
{Yawn. Bored and ready for nap time, but still cute :)}

And some comparisons :)


  1. I want to pinch those cheeks!! She is so tall! Those were the first two things to come in to my mind, lol! Can't believe she's 10 months... This last year has passed SO quickly! OH, let me know what she wants for her first birthday :) I definitely want to send something y'alls way! Love you three!

    1. Oh I know right?! I'm pretty sure almost half of her length is her legs ;) I can't believe she's so big either. I will send you a gift idea sometime soon. We'd love a gift idea for Baby Olie too if you don't mind. If nothing else, we can send a gift card to the place of your choice for baby supplies ;) Love you three too! XOXO


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