Monday, October 22, 2012

Quick Update

This is just a quick update because I'm still running a little ragged behind schedule! Hello bullet points :)
  • First and foremost, one of my closest friends gave birth to her precious baby boy, Elliot, on Saturday! Poor girl was induced due to high blood pressure and was in labor for quite some time. I was really worried for her, but I prayed as often as I could. Luckily, both mama and baby are fine, and they went home today :) I'm so excited for her and I know she and her husband will be amazing parents!
  • Jillian is teeth like whoa. I mean, she broke a third bottom tooth, and I can still see the beginnings of a top tooth. Normally, she's a bit fussy. However, this time she means business. I'm talking not-really-eating, not-really-napping, crying-at-the-drop-of-a-hat kind of situation. I wish I could do more, or make the process faster. I know it's a phase, but it's not a fun one for anyone right now :(
  • Jillian is also into pulling out every. single. item. in her diaper bag/toy box/purse/anything with stuff in it. I don't mind letting her do this, but it is a little tiring cleaning up after Hurricane Jillian when it's the same toys/areas every time. I'll do it, but I'm ready for another mess to clean. {Laundry anyone?}
  • Phil is going to a conference in Atlanta this week. While I'll miss him terribly, it means my folks are coming for a visit! Originally I was going with him, but we couldn't really afford it. Plus, I haven't been away from Jillian for more than a few hours. {I know, I know} There was no way I would last nearly 4 full days away. I am pretty stoked that my parents will be here! After this visit, I won't see them again until Christmas. I'm going to soak up as much of them as I can. I am cleaning like a madwoman for their arrival. I'm just about done and it feels good to have such a clean house!
  • Today, Jillian had her normal speech therapy that also included some time with an Occupational Therapist. She was army crawling so long without seeming interested in regular crawling that we thought it would be good to get her checked out. Of course, now she's crawling all over and even pulling up to her knees consistently. The OT gave me some tips for helping her learn to pull to standing on her feet, and we even have an appointment for her to come to the house in a few weeks just to follow up. It was good to hear that she's still on track though. I know babies grow at their own rate, but I've always worried about her after her hearing diagnosis. It's the mama in me. She gives me no reason to worry, but the reassurance really helps me. 
  • I finally got caught up on Jillian's baby book and calendar (minus some photos I need to print)! While it's hard to keep up sometimes, I know I'm going to treasure these. I sure hope Jillian does one day too :)
  • We went up for TU Homecoming this past weekend. While it was a nice weekend overall, (and I got to spend time with my BFF Annette!), I always get a little down after being on campus. It arouses feelings of failure in me. If only I could have done something different, maybe things would have turned out better. Maybe I could have finished. It's a little depressing for me.
  • I did get to go to a movie tonight with two of my old high school friends. It was exactly what I needed and we all had a good time. It made me feel less vulnerable. It also reminded me that, if things had gone differently, my life may have been different. What if I never had Jillian? She has made me feel whole and I can't imagine her not existing. I'm thankful she's here, even if that means I had to go through what I did in college. I would do it all over again, the exact same way, if that meant she would be in my life :)
I think that's it for now. Hope y'all had a great Monday!

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