Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Parents' Visit

Tuesday of last week, I took Phil to the airport. He was going to a conference in Atlanta without me, so my folks offered to come stay with me. They also were coming to the house for the first time! My mom drove all day and got to our house about 8:30 or so. We gave Jillian a bath, then we both went to bed early.

Wednesday was a busy day for me. I had an early appointment with my new OB/GYN. The one I've had for years, and who delivered Jillian, decided to leave the hospital and have her own GYN practice. Well, I like her, but since we're hoping for more children, I wanted a new doctor at that same hospital. My dear friend Ashley, who is mama to Jillian's friend Addi Claire, (who is 13 days older than Jillian), recommended her doctor. I basically went to meet her and ask a few questions I didn't get to before my doctor left. I will say that Dr. P is very sweet, and I really felt comfortable with her. She answered my questions completely and put my mind at ease. After my appointment, and Jillian's nap, my mom and I took Jillian shopping! We got a few new Halloween decorations that won't scare Jillian too badly, then we went to lunch at Olive Garden. Later, I still had youth group and choir practice at church. Mom volunteered to watch Jillian while I did all that.

Thursday we hosted two of mom's friends at the house. They are two sweet ladies from the church I just left to join our current church. I do miss them and I'm glad we can still have a nice time together. The last time they saw Jillian, she was only about 4 months old! We ate a light brunch and mostly watched Jillian play and move from lap to lap :) Then my mom went with them to lunch and Jillian and I went to the mall for a play date with Ashley and Addi Claire! We wanted to go to the zoo, but it was chilly and really windy. We thought being indoors would be best for the girls. After that, I had an appointment with my therapist which went really well. I really like her, and she is so helpful.

Friday my dad got to fly in! He had to be up really early, but he flew first class! We loved teasing him about it.

We spent most of the day hanging out and enjoying each other's company. Plus, Jillian was such a hoot! She really loved having both her Jemma and Gee-Chaz with her. She got really good at pulling up to standing. She did bonk her head pretty good right before bed. This was also the night Jillian's teeth were bothering her. Her top teeth are starting to pull on the gums, but they haven't broken through just yet. I can tell it's pretty uncomfortable.

Saturday we got to pick up Phil from the airport! His plane didn't get in until dinner time so we had a ball with Miss Busybody.

After a quiet day, Jillian and I picked up Phil :) Jillian was so happy to have her daddy back!

Sunday was quite a day. We had church where Phil and I sang two songs with the choir. Then we scrambled to get our trunk ready for the Trunk or Treat later that evening. I also had a youth group girl's only party! I dressed up as a new mom with comfy clothes, different shoes, a robe, a bottle in the pocket, a curler in my hair and "bags" under my eyes ala eye shadow ;) Well, I was mistaken for a woman who overslept, a pajama girl, and Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Oh well HAHA We got Phil's mad scientist trunk all fixed up and ready to go. My parents dressed up Jillian in her Queen Bee costume and came a little after the event started. We went to most of the trunks, went on the quick hay ride and just had a blast. It seemed to be really successful!

Monday was sad because my parents were heading back. After playing with Jillian a bit, my dad ran a few errands. My mom spent most of the morning holding Jillian as much as she could.

They left around lunch time and I missed them before they even left the driveway. We'll get to see them for Christmas, but time never seems to cooperate. I could spend a month straight with them and feel like it was too short. I'm so blessed to have such great folks that I love being around. Only 52 more days...

Hope y'all had a good week and weekend too :)


  1. What a great weekend! I love that you love spending time with your parents. I am the same way. I often go over there when Jimmy works on weekends. Bummer they aren't closer, but it makes those visits even sweeter!

    1. Thanks Lesa! You're so right, it does make our visits sweeter. It also means that waiting for Christmas just got a little harder ;)


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