Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

We didn't make big plans for Jillian's first Halloween. We figured trick or treating would be out of the question because she's so young. Also, being in a new home and new neighborhood, we weren't sure how trick or treating would go. I still had bible study this morning, but I had a special candy corn dress for Jillian to wear during the day! I got it from RM Kid's Clothing on Etsy.
 {She is obsessed with the lion my brother gave her for Christmas last year!}
 {When did my baby get so big?!}
{Ain't that the truth ;)}

Jillian is still cutting her two top teeth at the same time. It gets pretty intense around here. She also had a slight runny nose all day, so we opted so hang out at home until daddy came home from work! After he changed out of his work clothes, we finished decorating the outside of the house!
{All of our pumpkins!}
{My pumpkin was supposed to be an emoticon, but I did it the wrong direction! Oh well...}

We grabbed dinner at Sonic because they had $.50 corn dogs! Who could pass that up?
{nom nom nom}
{Please excuse the messy couch!}

Then Phil got the candy ready while Jillian and I had a photo shoot with her Queen Bee costume! She was a Queen Bee because that is her nickname. Being the first grandchild on both sides of the family, and the first born, she will always been the queen no matter how many others come along :)
{All the yummy candy!} 

 {What a cutie}

{Yanking off the crown} 

{This face just cracks me up!! HAHA}

{Love that girl}

Jillian tried helping pass out candy, but she was much more interested in climbing all over us.
{Exhibit A}

We had about 5 or 6 trick or treating groups before we called it a night. After 9 pm, we figured it would mostly be older kids. Since we don't have a storm door and a little one, we figured we should stop early. After a nice warm bath, Jillian was ready for bed.

We are waiting for Jillian to go to sleep so we can watch our scary movie! I have seen it before, but it really scared me. Phil figures it'll be better since we watch The Walking Dead. We'll see... If nothing else, he's willing to cuddle with me until I fall asleep myself :)

Happy Halloween!

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