Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Online Shopping Like It's My Job

I'm going to preface this post by saying this is not a thrifty-shopping type of post. Most of the time, I try to be conscientious about how much I spend, especially on clothes for Jillian. However, I was in a shopping mood a few weeks ago and I felt she was worth a little splurging ;)

First are two outfits from Tori Spelling's new line at JCPenny called Little Maven. I think they are just so cute!

I also bought these from JCPenny. I really wanted a back-up/fun Christmas outfit for Jillian and thought this was adorable. Also, I saw a similar sweater dress at Old Navy, but it sold out. However, this was just as cute AND I can't wait for her to wear it :)

I also got lots of pants, and a hooded shirt for Jillian from Old Navy. And those lacy shoes? Who could resist that ;)

And finally, here are two things I got at Carter's on Saturday. Having a store within a mile of my house? Not a good thing for my wallet. HA! I did only spend $19.80 with tax on these items because of their sale AND a woman in the store handing me a 15% off coupon before I checked out. Thanks kind stranger!
{It's hard to tell, but the dress is brown}
I still can't believe Jillian is big enough to wear stuff like this! Maybe a new outfit for her birthday and Christmas, but otherwise she's set for the winter :)


  1. omg adorable stuff!!! Jillian's gonna look super cute this winter! ;)

    1. Thanks! We kind of skipping size 9 Month, but hey, it's for fashion ;) HAHA


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