Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Few Prayer Requests

I hope y'all have had a great time over the holiday! We ran off to Tulsa for a little bit to see fireworks. Do I have pictures? You betcha ;) I'll share them later, once I get them off the camera and on my computer. Jillian barely made it to the fireworks. She was up so late, and really wanted to do anything else but sit on the blanket. Luckily, they started just in time :)

There were be some exciting posts coming up the next 3 days, so keep an eye out!

For today, I have a few prayer requests.

1) Phil's grandma went to the hospital while we were up there. Her birthday is July 5th, but she wasn't feeling up to coming over for dinner. She complained of pains to Phil's mom when she took over her birthday dessert. She ended up going to the hospital around 1 am. As far as we know, her heart is enlarged and it was causing edema in her legs and possibly her lungs. She was improving by the time we left, but I do believe she is still in the hospital. She hasn't really been the same since Phil's grandpa passed this fall, so we're hoping she'll recover ok.

2) A fellow pregnant friend of mine was in a car accident. She told me they are all fine, but I know the aftermath can also be a pain. They have to get a new car seat for their toddler on top of everything else. I'm thankful they are ok!

3) A dear friend of mine is going through something right now. If you could just pray for my friend, God will know who it is :)

4) I usually hate asking for prayers for myself, but I'm pretty nervous about our ultrasound on Wednesday. Yes, we get to find out the gender, but I really want to know that everything else is looking great. If nothing else, just prayers for me to be nice and calm for the next few days.

Thank you!

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