Monday, July 8, 2013

What Will Baby Be? Round Deux

In just a few short days, we're going to the ultrasound that will change everything! We will see just how healthy bébé deux is, and I will find out the gender. I will reveal it to Phil, and then our parents and siblings. After that, we'll let the public know. Just as a warning, I may not be able to tell you until the day after because of how late it will be. {No promises though because I'm horrible at keeping secrets ;)} However, I will keep you updated that day both here, and on Twitter & Instagram.

With Jillian, I did a fun post two days before the ultrasound with various old wives tales. The tally ended up favoring a boy, but that turned out to be wrong! I was so sure Jillian was a boy, but I was so happy with my surprise girl :)

Since I want to keep things as fair between the siblings as possible, here is a post to see what this bébé could possibly be!

Morning Sickness
The tale here is, the sicker you are, the more likely it's a girl. Why? Your hormones are battling with baby girl's hormones, causing you to have an upset stomach. If you have hardly any sickness, it's a boy.

Verdict: Even though I'm not as sick as I was with Jillian, I still have to take nausea medicine on a consistent basis if I want to keep food down. According to this tale, I'm having a girl.

Carrying Baby
The tale deals with how you carry baby. High will be a girl and low will be a boy.

Verdict: My mom actually made a comment recently that she can tell I'm carrying lower than I was with Jillian. That could just be how my body is now, but that's not taken into account with the tale. According to this tale, I'm having a boy.

This tale says the more acne you have, you're having a girl. If you have hardly any acne, it's a boy. Why? Again, it involves a battle of the hormones.

Verdict: I have had a few extra pimples than I did with my last pregnancy, even though it's still not many, (as in less than 10). According to this tale, I'm having a boy.

Chinese Gender Chart
I'm not entirely sure how they determine it, but it is a chart that you can find here that takes the mother's age at time of conception and the month in which baby was conceived.

Verdict: According to this tale, I'm having a boy.

Mayan Gender Calendar
This is the same concept of the Chinese Gender. The difference is, it takes the age of the mother at time of conception and the year the child is conceived. If both are odd or even numbers, it's a girl. If it's an odd plus an even number, it's a boy.

Verdict: According to this tale, I'm having a boy.

This tale says if you crave sweets/fruits, it's a girl. However, if you crave meats and salty foods, it's a boy.

Verdict: I had an aversion to meat the entire first trimester like I did with Jillian. I wanted some salty food, and foods that are sour like Key Lime pie and Sour Straws/Warheads. I have craved more fruit this pregnancy than I did with Jillian.

Verdict: According to this tale, I'm having a girl.

I've had my little poll on the sidebar with a total of 13 votes.

Verdict: According to y'all, I'm having a boy.

Baking Soda Test
I did purchase an Intelligender test with Jillian. However, it recommends that women with PCOS not use it, and I hear it tells you "boy" more than "girl" no matter what your baby is.
A few people in my birth club on WTE were talking about a baking soda urine test. I found a website that describes it a little more. Basically, you put some baking soda in a cup, then you add a sample of your own urine. If it fizzes like a soda, it's a boy. If it does nothing, it's a girl. I took a picture before I did it, so don't worry about me subjecting you to a picture involving a urine sample from yours truly ;)
Verdict: According to this, I am having a girl.

Mother's Intuition
If I'm being perfectly honest, I have no idea. I have suspected girl just because my cravings and aversions were so similar to Jillian. Phil has been calling bébé a boy for awhile, and I've let him. I flip flop depending on the day what I think this baby is.
Another thing for me is, I honestly don't care. This may not be our last child, so I don't feel pressure to have one or the other. As long as everything looks good, I have no real preference. I love both the boy and girl name we have chosen. Honestly, I'm more concerned about bébé's heart looking good than anything else. On my dad's side, there are 3 people who have had congenital heart defects they've had to live with. My cousin's youngest son will need a valve replacement surgery before he turns 26, (he's 21 now), and that just scares me to death. So again, as long as that fear is put to rest, I don't mind having either :)
That being said, I guess I'll go with my first original guess.

Verdict: According to this, I'm having a girl.

The final tally...
Boy -  5
Girl - 4

It was close, just like last time, but according to the tales, we're having a little boy. We'll hopefully know for sure on Wednesday!


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    1. Thank you! I can't wait to share :)

  2. Ahhh! I can't wait. I will be blog stalking you...

    1. I really don't think I'll be able to keep it in all day! I may decide on a time to announce it on the ol' blog. I'll have something in my post tomorrow :)


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