Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pregnancy Projects

If you follow me on Pinterest, you will notice that I started pinning several things that are quite similar.

You see, I need some kind of project when I'm pregnant. It keeps my mind off of the millions and billions of things baby related, and keeps my crafting chops in working condition :) With Jillian, I made special signs to reveal the baby name/hang up at the hospital. Then I started doing a cross-stitch before I just made a massive to-do list.

Well, I have made a large baby-do list, but I also wanted a project to do. Well, that spun into a few other projects. Then that caused me to get overwhelmed by the cost, time, and energy to get everything done. Yeesh, I'm a piece of work sometimes. Good thing Phil still loves me ;)

Anyways, after a chat with Phil, I have prioritized and am settled on my projects. We are painting a few rooms. After that, I am doing some decorating in the laundry room. {Since I'll be in there a lot, especially with a new baby, I wanted it to be a happy space for me :)} That project is relatively small, so I will be able to make a coffee bar/tea area in our kitchen nook! I'm pretty excited about it.

I have two separate lists for both projects. This includes what we need to do, and purchase. The biggest thing I'll have to do is find a smallish dresser for the coffee bar. I'm going to hit up some garage sales and check in with Goodwill every so often until I find what I'm looking for.

Here are a few pictures of the coffee bars that have given me inspiration. None of these are exactly what I'm doing, but a few are close :)

Do you have any projects you're working on?


  1. I like that your baby projects are to get the house together. Besides hanging another hang bar/shelf in Mackenzie's closet I just want to do baby crafts. :o) Hope you find what you need for your coffee bar.

    1. Thank you! I love doing crafts, but never seem to find more than a cross-stitch I want to do. I'm sure it'd be different if I knew how to sew. I would be making burp cloths and blankets like a mad woman! HAHA


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