Thursday, September 8, 2011

Short Week

I can't believe it's already Thursday! Having Tuesday off of work has really thrown me for a loop. Plus, with my ultrasound and 3 hour test tomorrow, today is pretty much my Friday. That feels really weird!

I had a great weekend even though I was working non-stop. Not only did I want to clean for my mom's visit, I was so close to having the entire apartment looking immaculate that I wanted to just go go go! Saturday, I finally wiped down all the windows to our little balcony area. They've looked sad since we've moved in. Phil and I just loved how much brighter our living area became once the glass was clean! It made a world of difference. Then I had an area of bookshelves with our glassware that looked awful thanks to dust. I ended up using a Windex wipe on every single glass, but it was worth it! We also washed sheets for both beds and vacuumed half of the apartment. Sunday we picked up, vacuumed and dusted the bedrooms and bathrooms so we would be done. I now know why some people are neat freaks - it feels so good to see the entire place just sparkle! Once Jill is here, I know it won't be like this. I just hope I can at least keep things picked up.

I also made some Strawberry Margarita cupcakes for my mom as a late birthday gift. I make the cupcake part on Sunday, then glazed/frosted them on Monday morning before she came in. I got the idea here, and the recipe is here. It wasn't too challenging and I'm glad they were a hit! Since the glaze contained some tequila, I made 6 with the glaze and 6 without so I could enjoy some cupcakes too ;)
{nom nom nom}

When my mom got into town Monday, the weather was perfect. She even asked me why I've been complaining all summer. Hardy har har ;) We sat and talked for a little bit, she gave us our gifts from Ghana, then we went to a late lunch at Souper Salad. We dropped Phil off at the apartment and went back to Target so I could show her the stuff of the baby registry, (which is still down so I can't access it. Target, please get it together!!). That turned into, "Well, I need some new sandals so how are you on maternity clothes?" Since they were more expensive than I thought, I only asked for 2 long sleeved shirts and so good maternity jeans. I love them! I may buy 1 dress and a few more shirts eventually, but I'm pretty set for now :) After that, we can home and the three of us hung out on our little patio before dinner. Here are our gifts...
{This is Phil's gift - a family of wooden elephants!}

{Jill got a blanket made by a woman's group and it's made out of old flour sacks} 

{For the pregnant lady, some cocoa butter! I've already tried it and I really like it}

 {This is actually my bonus gift. Since my favorite flower is tulips and their flight home stopped in Amsterdam, guess who got some tulip bulbs?! Yeah, it's pretty cool :)}

Of course, for me, the real gift was their safe return. We do love our cool gifts though! Thanks mom and dad!

Even though I had the day off Tuesday, I still woke up around 6:30, mostly out of excitement! HAHA After Phil left for the lab, Mom and I talked for almost 3 hours straight about just different things. It wasn't anything really pressing or any issues, just deep conversation topics. I really enjoyed that. I have said before that I never really went to my parents about spiritual subjects because I was unsure how they could switch from parent to pastor. Now that I'm older, I feel like I can at least talk about things I'm hoping for, searching for, feeling, etc. and they get it. It's a nice place to be :) After that, we got ready, went to Babies R Us for more registry showcasing, Pei Wei for lunch, then back home. I showed her a few pictures and had the best time laughing. Then we made a shopping list and went to the grocery store. Once we got back, Phil was home and he cooked steaks for dinner. It was hard going to bed that night knowing she would be leaving later the next day. She offered to take me to lunch before she headed to my brother's and I happily accepted ;) We went to Chick-fil-a for lunch and off she went. Of course I had a busy night at church last night that helped distract me from her absence. It is definitely close to fall when I'm that busy!

I can't even begin to describe how good it was to see her and have her near me. She even rubbed my belly a few times so Jill would know she was there. It is hard to have my mom so far away, but I am so thankful and blessed to have the relationship with her, and my dad, that I have. I wouldn't trade it for the world :) We're hoping both my parents can come down for our family baby shower in October. Otherwise, I won't see them until Jill's arrival.

Tomorrow is my ultrasound to see if my placenta has moved up like it should and then I have my 3 hour glucose. I did talk to my doctor and she does want me to take my Metformin after I drink the two drinks. This should mean I will pass this time, but we'll have to see. I'm just not looking forward to the crash later. I will be making my deviled eggs tonight so I can be prepared! And lucky for me, Phil will be with me through all of it tomorrow. I'm a very blessed woman :)

Happy Thursday!

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  1. So glad your mama got to visit :) I love the elephant family & the floursack blanket is too cute! :) Great to know they're back home safely.

    Love ya!


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