Thursday, September 12, 2013

Coffee & Tea Bar Reveal

As you know, I've been planning a coffee & tea bar in our kitchen nook as my major pregnancy project. Not only do we use our Keurig just about everyday, we will have friends over in the winter to meet our newest addition. Plus, it gave that space a little more purpose :)

{This is before we brought our china hutch home}

{This is with the china hutch}


The Details
(If I bought something, I included it here. If I reused it from things I already had, I didn't list it. If you are curious about anything, feel free to email me - mrs {dot} c {dot} ondemand {at} gmail {dot} com)

The Table: Target - $120 (on sale)
Wire Coffee Cup Holder: Hobby Lobby - $6 (on sale)
Electric Water Kettle: Target - $31
Letter C: Hobby Lobby - $3.50
Espresso Maker: Target - $16
Shelf: Home Depot - $25 (Board - $6, Qty 2 Brackets - $12 total, Wall Anchors - $6)
Wall Paint: Home DepotBehr - Color Matched from Martha Stewart Living Ginger Root (discontinued color) - $27 for 1 gallon


  1. I love it! Parker would be all over that cabinet, in very nook and cranny! Such a fun, functional area!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, we had to install those cabinet locks and anchor the cabinet to the wall. Jillian kept opening the doors and stacking the tea boxes before we did that ;)


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