Monday, September 30, 2013

My Mom's Short Visit {In Pictures}

As I mentioned in my last post, my mom was able to come stay with Jillian and I while Phil was out of town for his conference in Seattle. It was great having another adult around, but especially one I love so much :)
She helped me not only take care of Jillian, but also myself. I ate much better with her around and the house was a little cleaner after she left. {Plus, it's hard for me to bathe Jillian with my big ol' belly right now} She was more than happy to spend lots of time with Jillian and myself!

Here are a few pictures of her visit:
{She arrived Wednesday while Jillian was napping. As soon as Jillian was fully awake again, the reading marathon began!}

 {After Jillian's class on Thursday morning, the three of us ran a few errands. When we were at Target, Jillian had a blast sitting in all the different chairs}

{Friday, we went to a park by our old house. Before we got to our main order of business, Jillian and her Jemma played a bit! That was one big slide}  

{Swinging on the squeakiest swing in the history of man} 

{After some play time, we took some of Bebe's ashes and laid her to rest along the walking path. She is an Oklahoma dog, and deserved to be in one of her favorite places} 

{Jillian and her Jemma sitting on a bench after they chased some ducks}

{Three generations :)}

{After a stop at Sonic, we put Jillian down for a nap. While she slept, my mom and I worked on my big project: a homemade Tigey doll for Jillian's birthday! It won't be perfect, but I have a feeling she'll love it :)}

{We baked some Banana and Chocolate Chip Bread for me, then a loaf of Pumpkin Bread for Phil (since he can't digest bananas)}

{We also tried a new recipe for dinner. We didn't do it exactly as the recipe called, but it turned out pretty yummy! My mom is a good sport about trying new things, so I knew she'd be a good guinea pig for this ;)} 

{This was technically on the day my mom headed home. She left at 8 am in the pouring rain, but made it home before 9 pm. This was taken when Jillian and I jumped in the car at 11:40 pm to pick up Phil from the airport. She was pretty sleepy when we left, but was wide awake when we parked at the airport. It was a long night, but definitely worth it!}

As I said, it was a short visit. It feels like we try to squeeze lots of things in, but we did hit all the important highlights I think :) Even if she was here for a month, it would fly by and seem too short to me. I do miss her, but I'll be so glad to see her and my dad within 2 months! I'm counting down the days...

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