Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jillian Rose at 21 Months

This isn't an official monthly update for Jillian, but there are some things I want to remember about her during this season of her life. She's 3 months away from being 2 years old! When I do her next monthly update/birthday post, she'll be a big sister. {That boggles my mind y'all!} I just love her and want to remember everything I can! I'm sure I forgot something, but this list gives me a good idea of what she is like right now :)

Here are some things about her:
- As of 9/5/2013, she is 22 lbs and 6 oz
- Wears size 3 diapers, but may need size 4 soon. Leaks every so often, but not every time
- Wears size 4 shoes
- Wears size 12 month pants and size 12-18 month tops
- Will wear hair bows some of the time, but will usually take it out after 30 minutes
- Hair is long enough to put in a regular ponytail with very little hairs hanging down

Here are some things she's doing:
- Eats well overall. Sometimes she eats lightly, and other times she eats a ton!
- Favorite foods: Pot roast, chicken nuggets, turkey hot dogs, peas, bananas, plain oatmeal, Goldfish, Ritz crackers, and bread

- Goes to speech therapy every other week
- Discovered she has a grass allergy since her 18 month birthday
- Attends a class once a week through hearing clinic to prepare for preschool
- Says mostly one syllable words, with only a few double syllable words
- Puts some words together. Examples: "Ah Duh" {All Done} "Ah Keen" {All Clean} "I shee" {I sit} "I fwuss" {I flush} "I dee it" {I did it} "Pee Shoo" {Pretty Shoes} "Nigh, nigh" {Nighty night} "Pee, I see you!" {Peek-a-boo, I see you}

- Gets really upset and cries when we get onto her. Once we prove we aren't mad at her, she calms down and gives us hugs
- If told no, she runs off, lays on the ground, and starts to cry
- Does NOT like being at the doctor or messed with to any capacity. Most sensitive about her ears
- Talks mostly around Phil and I, but gets quiet when another small child and/or adult she doesn't know comes into the room
- Loves Daniel Tiger, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Sesame Street is hit or miss
- Can help pick up toys, and hand mom items when she is doing household chores
- Loves playing with stuffed animals
- Sleeps through the night with no issues, unless she has teething pain or a coughing fit due to allergies
- Goes to bed without a pacifier
- Naps once a day for about 3 hours. Even if she doesn't sleep, she'll willingly stay in the crib without a fuss the whole time. May need a second mini-nap before dinner, (about 30-45 minutes), but not too often
- Can say the name, and the sound of most animals, especially farm animals
- Loves to read. Will make you read the same story up to 7 times in a row before she moves on

- If you say "Ring ring", she'll pick up the nearest cell phone and say "hi"
- Will wave and say "hello" and "goodbye" to just about anyone she sees in public
- Loves to slide and swing
- Can kick, roll, and "toss" a ball
- Will bend forward, put her head on the floor, then scream "Scheye Dow" {Upside Down} while waving her arms in the air and smiling :)
- Loves to give hugs and can give kisses if you ask for it
- Blows kisses and gives high fives
- Can count to 10 easily
- Knows the colors blue, red, pink, green, and is learning purple
- Runs back and forth in crib for fun if she's not napping
- Starting to climb, especially in chairs
- Drinks from straw sippy cups, but is getting better at using a regular cup without a lid
- Can use a fork and spoon while making quite the mess
{We love you sweet girl!}
{You are truly the light of our lives :)}


  1. Replies
    1. Right?! It pains me that she's closer to 2 years than 1-1/2 :( I mean, it's exciting, but it just seems like time goes way too fast!

  2. Mackenzie may end up in speech therapy next year. Every time we go to the doctor she has improved enough that he gives us another goal to meet in so many months. We have till December for her to start forming sentences. I love all her 'words' they remind me of Mackenzie's words.
    Admire you for getting her to use regular cups. I'm putting that skill off....sticking with straw cups. Then again Mackenzie won't even use a regular sippy cup....she just won't grasp the whole 'tipping' the cup idea.

    1. I'm convinced that Jillian has as many words as she does because of what she, (and I), learn at speech. It's nice because, I kind of learn ways/activities to do with her that can encourage vocalization. I hope speech is as beneficial to Mackenzie as it usually is for J :)
      Jillian never really got the "tipping" things either. That's part of why she went from bottles to sippy cups with straws. In the last 3 weeks she tried tipping with our cups, (she likes to steal our drinks lately), but it mostly ends up on her than in her mouth! HAHA


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