Saturday, April 26, 2014

David's Baptism

April 13th, Palm Sunday, we baptized David and welcomed him as a child of God :) We go to a church that baptizes children as young as the parents want. You can see a recap involving Jillian's baptism here. Also, if you're ever curious why we believe that, feel free to send me an email :)

The morning of, we took a few pictures of David with my parents before we went to church.
{Handsome men in their stylin' hats ;)}

{David and his Jemma}

We don't take pictures during the actual event because it is a part of worship. But trust me, it was adorable! David smiled really big when Pastor sprinkled the water on his head. <3
{From left to right: Phil's dad and mom, Intern Ron, Courtney, Jillian, Pastor Falk, David, Phil, and Courtney's mom and dad}

{From left to right: David's sponsor Mr. Tony, Courtney, Jillian, Pastor Falk, David, and Phil}

We ate a quick lunch at Freddy's, but then the grandparents had to head home. My parents had to hurry back to Minnesota and it was a bad weather day. Luckily, both sets of parents missed the nasty stuff, and all made it home safe and sound.

Unfortunately, something else exciting happened at our house. That'll be my next post...

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