Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Getting to Minnesota

Part of my absence at the beginning of this month was due to a trip up to Minnesota to see my folks! I don't like to mention I'll be gone on any social media outlets for safety reasons. I did talk about being in Minnesota after Phil headed home, (he had to go back to work). It was quite the little trek now that we have two cuties in our backseat. This is a picture post about our trip up :)

Friday morning, David had a doctor's appointment. He got his 4 month shots, so we spent most of the day cuddling. After Phil got off of work, we headed to Tulsa to stay with his folks. The idea was that we'd hopefully make it from Tulsa to St Paul on Saturday. However, we were prepared to stop for the night if necessary. {And yes, it was necessary}

Saturday morning we had a nice breakfast before we headed up the highway. We stopped for gas and some needed deserved ice cream in Missouri.
{Left: Jillian asked for a banana, but mostly ate her ice cream}
{Right: Phil and David enjoying some time outside of the car}

We got through Kansas City without much trouble, so we stopped at a rest area outside of town for a picnic lunch! It was a little chillier than we expected, and there was a cow herd nearby that gave us some interesting things to smell :-/ However, it was nice and leisurely, and Jillian got to run in the grass as much as she wanted!
{Left: Phil and Jillian getting their lunch together}
{Top Right: David enjoying the sunshine}
{Bottom Right: My Lunchable and Coke} 

Right around the Missouri/Iowa State line, Jillian was starting to have a breakdown. We were already contemplating a stop for the night because we were set to arrive at my parents' house around 9 pm. That was just a little too late for the kids. After a fun period of crying and screaming, (from Jillian, not Phil), we ended up booking a hotel room online. We got a pretty nice deal because they are currently remodeling. We checked in, got settled, then went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse.
{Left: Jillian running around outside while we waited for a table at Outback}
{Middle: David settled in his Pack n Play at the hotel}
{Right: Jillian watching Yo Gabba Gabba on the iPad and arranging the water bottles for me ;)}

Sunday morning, we ate at the hotel breakfast bar, then jumped on the highway. We ended up needing to stop for a potty break near the Iowa/Minnesota line, and the Welcome Center was this big red barn!
{We got a kick out of it. All jokes aside, it was a very nice facility!} 

I was pretty excited to be so close to my parents' house, so I took a quick family selfie :)

As we got into the Twin Cities, I looked behind me and Jillian was singing the ABCs while plugging her ears. I believe David was fussing a little at the time, but she looked so funny!
{It took a few tries to get the picture because she kept putting her hands down when my phone was in sight. Little stinker ;)} 

We got to the house around 1pm, and Jillian was just so excited to see her Jemma and Gee-Chaz! We decided to have dinner at Perkins, which is only a few miles from their house. This is what happened...
{Left: Jillian fast asleep in the car}
{Right: She was so out of it that we laid her on the table to take off her jacket and she stayed asleep for a few moments! She only woke up when I started taking the jacket off}

I tried to have low expectations for our trip so I wouldn't be too disappointed if things were rough. Luckily for me, the trip was relatively painless, and we were happy to be up north with my folks!

Coming up next, what we did in town!

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