Tuesday, April 1, 2014

David: {Four Months}

David –

You are four months old today! How can we be 1/3 of the way through your first year?

According to our measurements at home, you are 13 lbs, 6 oz and 24-1/4 inches long. When we go to the doctor in 3 days, I'll update your official stats :) Update: You are 12 lbs, 14 oz and 25 inches long! The weight loss may be due to your tummy troubles the last two days :(

You are in 0-3 Month, and 3 Month outfits. You have a few 3-6 Month clothes, but they’re still way too big for you. We just switched you to size 2 diapers last week.

You eat an average of 30 ounces a day, and feed every 3-4 hours. Sometimes you eat the whole bottle, and other times you just snack on it. Even when you don't feel well, you eat over half of what you normally get which tells us you're doing ok. You are exclusively on Target brand formula. We may end up starting solids with you this month, but we'll see.

You sleep for 30-90 minutes throughout the day. You do not like to be kept up in order to have 2-3 big naps a day. We're ok with that for now my boy :) You only tolerate pacifiers* when you're sleeping. The only issue with that is you wake up mad if you lose it. Luckily for us, that is happening less and less. You sleep anywhere between 8 and 9 hours a night. We just moved you to your crib which is in the room you share with your big sister. So far no major issues have come up, but we're prepared either way!

*If we try to give you a pacifier and you don't want it? You scream. I mean, red-in-the-face how-dare-you kind of screaming. 

Unless you're just overtired, you enjoy bath time. You don't always splash around like your sister did, but it does have a calming effect on you :) You like to straighten your legs in the tub. That can make it a little more difficult to bathe you, but we can get the job done anyways.

You are better with diaper changes, unless you're already in a bad mood. Otherwise, we can get some big smiles out of you :)

Personality traits are slowly emerging. You are a serious, yet calm baby 90% of the time. If you're upset about something, you want it fixed immediately! Even if you don't feel well, you still give us sweet grins. You are starting to laugh sans hiccups, and it's so cute! You like instrumental and classical music much more than any other type. You also like to hear mama sing. Bouncing on our legs seems to be a favorite of yours too. 

You rolled from back to belly on Pi Day {3/14}, and have done it a handful of times since. You aren't really close to rolling from belly to back though. Anytime we do tummy time, you'll lift your head for awhile, then just lie there. I don't think you care enough to roll that direction just yet. All in good time son :)

We are taking a trip up to Minnesota to visit your Jemma and Gee-Chaz this month! We've got a plan in place, but we're pretty sure you'll do great in the car. Most likely you'll do better than your sister. You're  good in the car unless you're getting too hot. We'll do our best to keep you comfy!

On a personal note, this month your mama was diagnosed with postpartum depression. I want you to know that this is not in any way, shape, or form your fault. This all has to do with mama and her body. If anything, you're the reason I get up in the morning. And that smile of yours? It reminds me that it's all ok. As long as I can show you every day how much you're loved by me, that's all I can hope for. Once mama gets a little help, things will get better. I promise you're worth it!

I am so blessed to have you in my life baby boy! You’re a big piece of my heart, and we are so glad you are part of our family. Love you little tomato :)

Now some outtakes:
{Such a sweet smile :)}

{I'm ready for action!} 

{OK mom, I'm done now} 

{Jillian decided she needed the sticker too ;)}

And some comparisons!
{Months 1-4}

{Left: Jillian 4/2012 Right: David 4/2014}

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