Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Minnesota Trip

Once we were in Minnesota, we had quite a bit we wanted to do! Though our first full day started as most days do - with breakfast!
{Jemma and Jillian eating some oatmeal}

My dad and Phil were going to the home opener for the Minnesota Twins in the afternoon, so my mom and I took Jillian to the mall. We bought some Easter/Baptism outfits, and rode the carousel :)
{Jillian checking out David's new hat}

Tuesday morning, we woke up early so Phil could fly home. It was hard to see him go, but I was glad we got to spend a little time with him before he had to go back to work! After that, we had a relatively quiet day. 
{Jemma and David having some quality time}

We stopped by my dad's new office, then had lunch at Chili's. We decided to just hang out around the house the rest of the day.
{David was very tired that night}

{Jillian all washed up and ready for bed!}

The next day, we spent a little time with Jemma before she headed to work. We actually got to meet a dear friend of mine, but that'll be a post all by itself :) Otherwise, this was evidence that a toddler had taken over my parents' house.
{We can't take credit for the rubber chicken. That was already around ;)}
{I thought I'd explain what you're looking at via colored arrows. Blue: empty DVD case Red: diaper wipes Yellow: Toy that makes noise Black: various pieces to a magnetic Hello Kitty set Green: Cinnamon Teddy Grahams Purple: a book about kittens that was mine as a child Orange: Infant to Toddler rocking chair with a blanket}

Thursday, Jillian got her first haircut! I'll post about that later as well. Then, we went with my mom to her office in Wisconsin. We ended up eating at the new Culver's in town. We love eating at Culver's, and we can always tell when we cross the Mason-Dixon Line when we see Culver's ;) {I kid I kid}
{Had to :)}

{Jillian and Jemma enjoying their lunch}

{Jillian eating her ice cream, and mama enjoying the flavor of the day: Chocolate Eclair!}

After my dad got off work, we went to the mall so the kids could get a picture with the Easter Bunny! Jillian LOVED it, and hardly waited her turn ;) Once we took the picture, we let Jillian ride on the carousel again with Gee-Chaz, then we got some coffee at Caribou.
{Jillian's blue horse stamp for riding the carousel. She talked about it all the time!}

Friday, we got all packed up, and started heading back to Oklahoma. We had to stop several times, and the trip down was a little noisier/stressful than the trip up. Luckily, my parents are pretty understanding, so we survived. We ended up stopping at a little Amish store. Jillian was able to run around a bit, and we had a good time. We even saw a man driving his horse and buggy, and he waved to Jillian!
{Gee-Chaz and Jillian checking out the "cows"}

{Mama and David enjoying the sunshine}

We spent the night at my relatives' house on the Kansas side of Kansas City. It was good to see them, and their new home was very lovely! The next morning, we ate a delicious breakfast, then headed home! 
{Gee-Chaz and David taking a morning snooze before breakfast}

Overall, we had a wonderful trip! Even though it's quite the drive, it is always worth it. 

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  1. Jam packed full of fun! Chocolate eclair is my favorite Culver's flavor! Culver's for you is like Waffle House for me. I need to get south more. We do have Chick-Fil-A now, which I like too much! Glad you had a good trip and I am excited to see your other posts! ;-)


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