Thursday, April 24, 2014

Meeting A Blog Friend

In this post, I listed my to-dos for the year. One of those items involved meeting a fellow blogger. If I'm being honest, I had a particular person in mind :) {I hope that doesn't sound as creepy as I fear!} With my parents living in Minnesota, I had a feeling I could get in touch with Lesa at Growing and Sewing Lesa pretty easily. Lucky for me, she was willing to take a chance on me, and agreed to meet up! We met at a local park, and had a good time!

She has a precious boy named Parker, and he is about 12 days older than Jillian. He is sweet, and as cute as can be!
{Jillian and David at the park}
{We got there a little early, so Jillian ran around a bit while David and I watched}

Once they got to the park, the kids had a good time playing! It was also great to talk to Lesa. We were able to have a good conversation amidst chasing down our wandering toddlers ;)
{It was cute watching them play}

{Who knew stairs would be the best part of the playground equipment?!}

{Jillian thought Parker was fun, and talked about him for the days following}

{The three kids together!}
{This was the best way to get a picture of the active toddlers ;)}

{And the lovely Lesa and I!}

It was so fun to meet her, and she is truly just as nice and sweet as she seems on her blog! I sure hope we get to meet up again soon. And now she knows I'm not some crazy stalker ;)

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  1. Such kind words! I couldn't help but smiling through this whole post! I am so glad you took a chance on me too, we can be creepy stalkers together! I love the picture with just the back side, so adorable! Can't wait to do it again!


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