Friday, April 4, 2014

I'm Still Around

I don't know about y'all, but I've had at least one thing to do every single day for about 2 weeks now. It can range from fun things, normal appointments, to a few necessary extras. So here's my brain dump so I can free up some space ;)

  • I had a good birthday overall! I got some lovely gifts, had a nice lunch with friends, saw some family members (BIL & SIL stayed at our house that night), and even got to celebrate the next day because we forgot to eat the cake on my birthday. The only downside was a little accident at church that night. My friends' daughter ended up breaking her leg during choir practice. She's doing better now, but I know that's a hard thing to deal with, especially when you're an active little girl! 

  • We had to buy a new car around my birthday. You see, Phil's car started making a knocking sound in the engine about 5 days before my birthday. Phil purchased the car on Saturday 3/22, but they had to clean it up for us because someone had traded it in that day for a new car. It took an extra 5 days, but we finally got it! It's a 2010 Hyundai Sonata. It runs well, and we're really happy with it :)

{Home in the garage at last}
  • David got to try out the jump-a-roo recently! He seems to like it ok, and I know he'll really love it once he figures out how to bounce on his own. For now, he likes being entertained by us while he chills in it.

{Cuteness overload!}
  • I went to see a dermatologist yesterday. I had a spot on my left hand that just appeared the other day, 3/18. It doesn't burn or itch, it wasn't getting lighter or darker, and I hadn't used any new cleaning products. It was really the strangest thing. I even tried not wearing my wedding rings to see if something got on it and irritated my hand. Well, we found a dermatologist, and she was really great! {It was awkward in the waiting room though. I was in between the side where the teenaged boys with their moms sat, and where the old people with melanoma sat.} Luckily, it is just hyperpigmentation. It sounds like, because I work with fresh limes and lemons with my cooking lately, when the juice on my hand gets exposed to sunlight it causes the pigmentation in my hand to go into hyperdrive. It's not permanent, but she recommended some over-the-counter cream to get it back to normal. Apparently, it's common for bartenders to have this issue. I also mentioned my eczema, so hopefully her recommendation will get it taken care of, or at least in check :) I'm just glad my hand wasn't harboring an infection or anything like that. Though, Phil did promise me a bedazzled hook if they had to amputate. I guess that'll have to wait for now ;)

{The hand of many colors}

  • And as always, Jillian is keeping me on my toes as well as laughing with her antics. She's climbing on anything she can, which is giving me little heart attacks every day. Her vocabulary is just exploding, which makes for some hilarious comments on her part. She still teeters with how she feels about David. Most of the time she doesn't mind him, but every so often she'll act a bit jealous. They are now officially sharing their bedroom, and so far it's been good! Jillian is also slowly getting better with potty training :) She's not a rock star yet, but she's doing wonderful and we are proud of her progress!

{In her Foofa jacket :)}
  • I finally moved files off my laptop so I can have space to upload pictures again! My phone was getting full because I couldn't take stuff off. I'm so glad to have a husband who can help me with stuff like that. Otherwise, I'd be out of luck!

How is everything with y'all? Hanging in there?

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