Friday, April 25, 2014

Jillian's First Haircut

On April 10th, Jillian got her first haircut! We went to the salon my mom goes to near their house. I've not only met the stylist before, but she has a daughter about 2 weeks younger than Jillian! I knew she'd be a good person to see for this special occasion. Since Jillian has never met a stranger, she went right up to Miss Sam, and did excellent! And of course, she got a sucker which made everything better :)

We decided to just trim her hair in the back, and then give her bangs. Sometimes Jillian pulls her hair ties out, so hopefully this cut will help her stop this habit.

I got a short little video of her, but its mostly me talking while she sits eating her sucker. I figured I wouldn't subject y'all to that!
{Sitting in the chair like a big girl}

{It's not so scary when you have a nice lady, and a sucker!}

{The happy girl telling Miss Sam "Thank You!"}

{The finished product!}
{And my silly mom ;)}

Jillian did so good, and Sam was just so sweet and accommodating. I hope her next hair cut goes as smoothly!

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