Thursday, January 12, 2017

Baby C: Final Fourth Week 10 Update

I'm so done with sickness y'all. Lottie is still dealing with a stomach bug, and it's been rough :( Hopefully, this is the end of our run for at least a little while. We're bound to catch a break at some point, right?!

Also, thanks to new insurance, I had to do all my initial blood work at a new facility yesterday, (as in 6 days after my appointment). This included a 1 hour glucose test. It wasn't too bad, but I had to eat something because of nausea, so I'm really hoping I pass!

Today's date: January 12, 2017

How far along: 10 Weeks

Total weight gain: My weight has just about stayed the same. As of now, I have lost 5 pounds.

Size and growth of baby: Final Fourth is the size of a prune or petit four. The organ systems are established, the placenta is starting to work its magic and baby's eyes are closed until week 27.  {via}

Baby is a: baby!

Maternity clothing: Mostly pants, but I still have several shirts that I'm just wearing because their comfy.

Sleep: I sleep ok at night, but I'm just so tired all. the. time.

Movement: Nothing just yet.

Cravings/Aversions: This week I've wanted salads with ranch dressing, fruit, chicken (plain), and Haribo gummy bears, (and yes, they have to be Haribo). Aversions are mostly the smell of cooking meat, apples, cheese, and anything that just doesn't sound good at the moment.

Morning Sickness: That new medicine I tried? That went terribly. It gave me the worst headache of my life. I'm talking about not being able to get up and function well kind of headache. I stopped taking it after 2 days. I asked for more Zofran since I know that works, but I was warned by the Dr's office that it can cause cleft palate and heart defects. I haven't needed to take it, but man I'm tired of all these studies saying I can't take anything for any ailment in pregnancy >:( Anyways, I need get sick on Tuesday, but that was the worst day so far.

Symptoms: Sore/heavy boobs, tired, weepy, gassy, slightly more moody than normal, some heartburn, dizziness, and some nausea.

Labor Signs: None

Belly button in or out: In

How this pregnancy is different than the first three: I was sicker than I am now with the first two, and I did actually throw up this time, (I never actually threw up with Lottie), and I'm the most tired I've ever been in pregnancy. {Shock, I know} 

The best moment of this past week: Feeling better after all the headache stuff

What I miss: Nothing :)

I'm looking forward to: My next appointment next month, a retreat I am going to this weekend as a youth sponsor, and Lottie feeling better again!

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