Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lottie: {Seven Months}

Lottie –

You are seven months old today! These months seem to get faster and faster. You are growing and changing so much, and we just love it!

According to our measurements at home, you are 16 lbs, 13 oz and 26-1/4 inches long.

Size 6 Month and 6-9 Month clothes are what you are wearing these days. There are a few 3-6 Months that still fit, but not by much. You wear size 3 diapers, though we'll need to get you some overnight specific ones soon. You tend to really fill up your diaper overnight! You can wear size 1 shoes, but you don't really like them on your feet right now ;)

You are eating 5 bottles, and 3 solid meals a day. You drink Similac formula, with a little mix of Similac AR to help with spit up. We're trying to slowly wean you off the AR, but you have enough spit up that we can't completely stop it yet. You like solid food, but you are picky about the texture! You like most of the food mama made, as well as Gerber brand food. Any other brand we either have to thin out with formula, or you will just store it in your cheeks and spit it out on your arm. Prunes, green beans and corn, and sweet potatoes seem to be what you like best. You tried some chicken, and seem to be ok with it. Aside from texture, there does not seem to be a food you dislike the taste of.

You had a viral things last weekend, so your appetite is a little low from that. It also gave you a viral rash on your tummy, and the nape of your neck. Luckily, that only lasted about 72 hours. You also have a rash on your neck from drool/food we're trying to clear up. Other than that, you're a healthy baby! You narrowly missed getting a flu shot this year. By the time you were old enough, flu season would have been just about over by the time it started to take effect. With this in mind, your daddy and I decided to just be extra careful with you. So far, so good!

You sleep from about 8:30 pm to 7 or 7:30 am. You take one good nap in the afternoon in your swing, and 1-2 other shorter naps. We don't have to swaddle you, but some nights you like having your arms wrapped in a light blanket. You love having a blanket on you for your long nap in the swing. In fact, when I put you in the swing, you start reaching out for the blanket because you know it's coming! HAHA

Bath time is a little more fun now that you can sit up in your tub! Sometimes you try to pop the bubbles in the water, and other times you're just ready to be done so you can have your last bottle of the day.

You have a tooth! It finally came out about 2 weeks ago. It is your bottom right tooth, with no other signs of the left one coming. It's pretty sharp, but luckily you haven't hurt yourself with it :) You like to chew on soft items more than teething rings. Still no pacifiers for you. That's fine with us!

We are constantly complimented about beautiful and sweet you are! You are very serious, but you will give the sweetest smiles when you want to :) You don't laugh often, but it's the best sound when you do! Sometimes you do this Frankenstein-style laugh where you're just grunting happily at daddy or mommy. It's pretty cute :) You adore your siblings, and really love to hold your daddy's face when he give you kisses. You like mama's hair in your mouth at all times! You get really chatting when you're the only kiddo around, but have had a few moments where you yell over the noise when everyone is home. You make sure you are heard! That's a good quality to have, my love!

Things you love: the jumperoo (if you're in the mood), being tickled, food (especially your bottle), watching brother make silly faces, getting attention from sissy, the octopus on your playmat, your bear lovie, your sound machine giraffe, and being held. You don't enjoy: being hungry, being tired, being in a chair or swing when you want to be held instead, and loud barking.

You can roll both directions, and can get to the other side of the room pretty quickly. No crawling yet, but you are getting better at lifting up your pelvis! Sitting up is still a little wobbly for you, but that won't be for much longer! You like to make raspberries, especially when daddy is trying to feed you ;)

Lottie, we are so thankful that you are our little ray of sunshine! You make us happy, proud, and remind us just how lucky we are to have this family of ours. We can't wait to see what the next month will bring :) Love you, Vanilla Bean Latte!

And now a few outtakes:
{Those eyes <3}
{Also, I FINALLY got a smile!}

{She was laughing in this one}

{She was having fun rocking in the chair, but it was making mama really nervous...}

{Posing with her bear}

{I adore this!}

{Happy Girl <3}

{A few things: 1) David is not about to hit Lottie, I promise! 2) I feel like this is going to be an album cover for whichever child decides to be a musician. 3) This is my life y'all, and I'm so glad :)}

And a few comparisons :)
{Months 1-3}
{Months 4 & 5}
{Months 6 & 7}

{Left: Jillian 7/2012 Middle: David 7/2014 Right: Lottie 3/2017}

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