Sunday, March 19, 2017

What Will Baby Be? Final Round

In a few days, I'm going to have our big ultrasound. As always, I'm anxious to know everything is fine. Congenital heart stuff runs on my dad's side of the family, and I'm also curious to see if I having a low-lying placenta like I did with Jillian. Also, I haven't felt as much movement with this baby, so I want to be reassured that all is well developmentally. Besides, I am so excited to learn who will complete our family :)

With Jillian, I did a fun post two days before the ultrasound with various old wives tales. The tally ended up favoring a boy, but that turned out to be wrong! I was so sure Jillian was a boy, but I was so happy with my surprise girl :) Then with David, I did another post two days before the ultrasound. The tally just barely favored boy, and that time it was right! I thought maybe I was having another girl, but my intuition was wrong. I've never been happier to be wrong! A year ago, I did another post before the ultrasound, even though we didn't announce the gender publicly. The tally favored a girl by one point, but it was correct! I finally got a correct guess, and we had our sweet little Lottie.

To keep things as fair between the siblings as possible, here is a post to see what Baby C: Final Fourth might be!

Morning Sickness
The tale here is, the sicker you are, the more likely it's a girl. Why? Your hormones are battling with baby girl's hormones, causing you to have an upset stomach. If you have hardly any sickness, it's a boy.

Verdict: While I wasn't super sick like I was with Jillian or David, my gag reflex has been incredibly sensitive this time. I've had lots more gagging than I ever have. I also threw up more than I ever did with Lottie. According to this tale, I'm having a girl.

Carrying Baby
The tale deals with how you carry baby. High will be a girl and low will be a boy.

Verdict: It's my opinion that, while my last 3 pregnancies have been lower than with Jillian, this time is a bit lower than with Lottie. I feel like I look more similar to carrying when I did with David than Jillian or Lottie. According to this tale, I'm having a boy.

This tale says the more acne you have, you're having a girl. If you have hardly any acne, it's a boy. Why? Again, it involves a battle of the hormones.

Verdict: My face has not had many pimples this time. I feel like it does look a little less glow-y, but that could just be my age. According to this tale, I'm having a boy.

Chinese Gender Chart
I'm not entirely sure how they determine it, but it is a chart that you can find here that takes the mother's age at time of conception and the month in which baby was conceived.

Verdict: According to this tale, I'm having a boy.

Mayan Gender Calendar
This is the same concept of the Chinese Gender. The difference is, it takes the age of the mother at time of conception and the year the child is conceived. If both are odd or even numbers, it's a girl. If it's an odd plus an even number, it's a boy.

Verdict: According to this tale, I'm having a girl.

This tale says if you crave sweets/fruits, it's a girl. However, if you crave meats and salty foods, it's a boy.

Verdict: I had an aversion to most meat, (the exception being chicken), but that was true for all my other pregnancies. I have craved more fruit than chocolate this pregnancy, and like sea salt and vinegar chips. According to this tale, I'm having a boy.

I've had my little poll on the sidebar with a total of 6 votes.

Verdict: According to y'all, I'm having a boy.

Mother's Intuition
I only have a slight preference for David's sake. While I love having him as my one and only little boy, I would love for him to have a brother. Plus, I don't know how he'll feel being completely surrounded by women. As of now, his soon-to-be born cousin is a girl, so he'd be the only boy if we have a girl. However, if it is a girl, we'll be just as happy. Jillian did tell me that I'm allowed to have a boy since we already have a girl baby. While I won't post his official guess, Phil most likely wants it to be a boy just so we don't have to have anymore name discussions. We have the full name for a boy picked out, but have the first name for our girl choice. I'm sure he'd love to drop all those options for what we have ;)
Not having any real clues with pregnancy symptoms/cravings, I'm going out on a limb with my guess. Between having a decent amount of heartburn, and the fact that I get annoyed/angry much faster, I have made my choice. {Bear in mind, Lottie was the only baby I was right with for mother's intuition. We'll see...}

Verdict: According to this, I'm having a boy.

The final tally...
Boy - 6
Girl - 2

By a landslide, it looks like Final Fourth is a boy! We'll find out for sure on the 21st :) The only thing besides Phil's guess that's been correct every single pregnancy has been the Chinese Gender Chart from thebump. I can't wait to find out for sure!

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