Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend really flew by for me. Partially due to the fact that I've been attempting to organize our closet on top of other things.

Something that happen shortly after my last post really got the ball rolling for the closet organization. You see, I was starting to catch up on our laundry, which is way overdue. I started with Jillian's clothes because it's the fastest to finish. It was getting close to bed time so I took all her freshly washed clothes to the closet to hang them up. You know what I smelled? Pot. That's right, someone that lives either below or next to our apartment was smoking weed. Not only that, but you could only smell it in our closet. I did not want my baby to smell like pot so I quickly took everything in the closet that belonged to Jillian and threw it on my side of the bed. I was livid. I mean, if that's your thing, that's fine - I'm not judging you. Just don't make my place or stuff smell like it since I don't do it. So I ended up lightly reorganizing the guest room closet so I could put all of her stuff in there before I could go to bed Friday night. Well, that started a reorganizing of our closet because I could barely move in there from all the stuff inside. Seriously though, who does that?! They would have to be smoking in their closet to make our closet smell. However, that would also explain why we assumed the people who lived here before smoked outside because only the closet smelled of cigarettes. I guess it was the neighbors all along. Thus ended my Friday night.

Saturday came and we decided to go to the fairgrounds because they were having a large book sale! I didn't get many pictures there because it was crazy. We did get several books for Jillian, (despite being run over by parents and children alike), but I don't have a picture just yet because I want to disinfect the books before letting Jillian touch them. I promise I'm not usually a germ-phobe, but you should have seen and smelled some of the people there. Ick.

I also got my first Bluum baby box this week! Even though the cats seemed more interested, I finally got Jillian to at least pay attention to like the rattle from the box. She was mostly chewing/sucking on it, but it works :)
{Jillian and her duck rattle}

I also did these screen shots on Saturday. She may look a little like me, but there is no doubt that she's her daddy's daughter :)
{Myself and Jillian around 2 months old} 

{Phil at 7ish months and Jillian at 2 months}

Sunday my main job was to keep Phil working. He has a paper due by 5 p.m. today and I knew he needed to be working. Because of that, this is the only picture of Jillian that I got on Sunday:
{Napping the day away}

Yesterday I was trying to finish up the organizing project, more laundry, and deal with love on a fussy Jillian. We think she may be starting the process of cutting her first tooth. I know it takes quite awhile for that first one to appear which is why I'm saying "starting the process". You see, she's been drooling a lot more than before and she's less interested in her pacifiers in favor of chewing her hands or monkey lovie (pictured above). It's the only reason I can think of that would make her more cranky no matter how much sleep she's getting. Phil offered to take a break from writing to get some dinner. I usually get a Chicken Bacon Swiss sandwich at Arby's so that's what I asked for. When Phil got back, I got this:
{Apparently they ran out of chicken patties? Not wanting to get something different, Phil told them to just put whatever they can on as long as it was chicken. It was different for sure, but I was able to eat it :)}

Then Phil and I gave Jillian a bath and put her to bed in her own room. We started Sunday night and so far both nights have been successful. Now if only I could sleep...
{Attempting a burp during a milk coma is not always easy}

Today I'm doing more laundry, (it never ends!), a little cleaning and hopefully a trip to Target or Walgreens before the severe weather hits us tonight. I'll try to post again later if I can. I had a mini photo shoot with Jillian this morning and I'd love to share :)

Hope y'all are having a good start to the week! 

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