Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day {2012}

Jillian woke up around 7:15 on Christmas morning. She was pretty thirsty so we gave her a large sippy cup. Once she was satisfied, we looked through our stockings.
{Jillian looking at her stocking gifts}

{My stocking minus the candy}
{Every year we have a slight theme. This year, we all got headlamps ;)}

In keeping we tradition, once everyone was awake and looked in their stocking, we read the Christmas story from Luke's account. Once we observed the true meaning of Christmas, I played elf and passed out gifts :) We all got some good stuff like:
{Political poppers for some fun}
{And yes, diapers for Jillian was a gift}

{Mother-Daughter matching TOMS shoes :)} 

{Blocks and race cars} 

{The Christmas Aftermath}

Then we enjoyed a nice breakfast casserole, fresh fruit, and hot chocolate :)

I wanted to get some pictures of Jillian in her special Christmas outfits. Let me show you how well it went...
{At first, she was not in the mood}

{Then her skirt was much more interesting} 

{Finally, with three adults behind being as silly as possible, I finally got a smile :)}
{Headband: One Little Monkey Shop on Etsy

{Her fun/mom-doesn't-mind-if-it-gets-dirty outfit! This is the only shot I got where she left the hair bow in long enough for me to take a picture HAHA So it begins...}

{Jillian and the tree} 

{And now she's done with photos. Time's up mamarazzi!}
{Outfit: JCPenny}
{Hair Bow: Polkadot Posies}

We Skyped with my brother and his girlfriend, then Phil's parents. After that, we mostly relaxed at home. Mom and I finally baked and iced the cookies, but they didn't last a week :) We had a large lunch which included brisket, my favorite mashed potatoes, rolls, and a little wine for everyone but Jillian. 

Overall, we had a great day. I hope y'all had a day full of love and relaxation too :)

I have more photos since then that are mostly on Instagram. The main thing that happened after Christmas was one of my gifts from Phil: an overnight stay at a hotel. It was my first night away from Jillian since she was born! Luckily, we had a nice night :) We saw The Hobbit, checked into our really nice hotel, then had a delicious dinner at The St Paul Grill. We walked around Rice Park for a few minutes, but it was pretty cold and didn't last long. The next morning, we ordered room service for breakfast and got home to our baby by lunch time. It was so much fun, but I was very glad to see my Jilly!

Today, I went to church with my dad this morning. He was guest preaching at a church across town. Phil and Jillian stayed home just so she wouldn't have the opportunity to catch another stomach bug. We all took naps this afternoon, then I bought some new cross training shoes. I'm going to start the Couch-to-5K program on Tuesday, {and hopefully my dad will do it with me}, and I needed new shoes. The last time I got athletic sneakers, it was Christmas 2009. It was time for sure!

I did get a few good pictures of Jillian and my mom today.
{Jillian helping mom cook dinner from the floor}

{If this face doesn't say she's up to something, I don't know what face would ;)} 

{Playing with the Elf Karaoke Microphone}

Hope y'all had a great weekend! Make the last day of 2012 count tomorrow :)

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