Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Review


I picked my word and verse for the year.
I left Jillian with a babysitter for 2 hours and was away from her for the longest time since her birth.
Jillian was diagnosed with unilateral hearing loss.
After a scary incident, Dr. V told us Jillian had acid reflux which required medicine twice a day.

{Taken on 1/1/12}


I showed off Jillian's first "nursery" in our apartment.
We celebrated Valentine's Day with my parents and brother.
I confessed my new-mommy woes.
I shared my obsession with photo shoots of Jillian :)

{Taken on 2/29/12}


I got Jillian's Pregnancy Book from Shutterfly!
Jillian laughed and I caught it on camera :)
I started tracking my calories and weight. I didn't focus on it as much as I should have, but I needed the accountability.

{Taken on 3/11/12}


I reflected on the day I found out I was pregnant with Jillian, (aka April Fool's Day).
I shared my baby list for the basics and extras. I also described Jillian's bath routine.
We celebrated Easter as a family!
We survived two nights of scary storms.
I talked about our new church home.

{Taken on 4/27/12}


Jillian finally got some teeth. She also went to the zoo for the first time!
I celebrated my first official Mother's Day :)
Phil turned 28.
Phil and I celebrated 4 years of marital bliss love :)
We had a bad storm the night of Phil's defense that left some damage to our apartment.

{Taken on 5/16/12}


I said goodbye to my brother as he moved from Oklahoma to Seattle.
Jillian turned 6 months old!
We had a family reunion, Jillian's baptism, and Father's Day all in the same weekend.

{Taken on 6/27/12}


We announced that we were under contract for a house!
I talked about how certain TV shows aided in shortening my temper and how it wasn't fair to my family.
Between being hot and tired, I had to condense my life in a long update.
I ranted about Jillian's sudden finicky eating and the chaos of living in a small apartment full of boxes.

{Taken 7/30/12}


We moved into our home on the hottest days of the entire summer.
Jillian's personality started to really come out and she's pretty funny!
Jillian and I went to one of my BFF's baby shower.
I finally got to finish and reveal Jillian's Alice in Wonderland nursery :)
Jillian and I visited my parents in Minnesota again and even stopped by a Laura Ingalls Wilder home.

{Taken 8/2/12}


Our air conditioner broke less than 2 months after we moved into our house :-/
I shared some parental wisdom, (at least what little I have)

{Taken 9/4/12}


We took Jillian to the playground on a cold morning.
I had a day of silence in honor of Matt Turner.
I participated in my first blog swap! My partner was pretty awesome :)
I admitted that I need to start taking my PCOS seriously.
We took Jillian to a local pumpkin patch.
My BFF Carrie had Jillian's future husband her son Elliot!
My parents came to visit while Phil was out of town.
Jillian dressed up as a Queen Bee for her first Halloween :)

{Taken on 10/1/12}


Jillian had her first big illness :(
It turned into a viral rash and an ear infection.
Phil's grandfather passed away the week before Thanksgiving.
I had my first contest/giveaway!
We celebrated Jillian's first Thanksgiving with Phil's family, but I had to wait and post pictures later.

{Taken on 11/22/12}


We had Jillian's first birthday party!
My baby turned the big O-N-E :)
Phil wrote a special entry for Jillian's birthday.
I talked about a wonderful man from my past.
I observed a day of silence in honor of Sandy Hook Elementary.
I learned the true meaning of "daily bread"
Phil and I got sick with a bad bug and missed our train to Minnesota.
We drove through an icy Iowa and made it just in time for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! {#operationwhitechristmasplanb}

{Taken 12/24/12}

It has definitely been quite the year for our family. The good, the bad, the learning; it was all necessary to get us to where we are today. We have so much more to experience, and I'm looking forward to what 2013 will bring.

Happy New Year to all!

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