Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jillian's 1st Birthday Party: The Details

For Jillian's first birthday, we did a "Sugar and Spice/Cupcake" theme. We ordered invitations from Tiny Prints. They were perfect :)

I ordered a special door sign and banner from Liz at Get The Party Started on Etsy. She was amazing to work with and it was exactly how I wanted it!
{In the dining room. Excuse the mustard-colored wall} 

{I bought a cheap wreath at Michael's so the sign wouldn't be alone} 

{Our front door area}
{I tried to do a more winter-y decoration than Christmas-y}

I set up a card table to serve as Jillian's memory table. This was mostly just for something for guests to look at.
{Memory table}

{Her hospital bracelets and hat, her hospital birth certificate, the pregnancy book I made her via Shutterfly, and picture I took of her the day we were discharged from the hospital in a frame I found at Kohl's

{All her monthly photos minus her 12 month one :)}
{I literally just used yarn, clothespins, and thumbtacks}

Except for the cheese spreads, crackers, and cupcakes, I made all the food for her party. We had about 1/3 of the people I planned for come by so we have plenty of food leftover!
{The spread}
{Jillian was most excited about her balloons from Party Galaxy of course ;)} 

{Apple cider, a cheese ball from Braum's, and Ritz crackers in a snowflake design}
{The box under the table was for Toys for Tots donations} 

{Flowers, her smash cake I made, cupcakes from Homeland, turkey tortilla roll ups, bean and cream cheese rolls ups, pumpkin bread, and banana bread} 

{Mini Triscuit, Vermont White Cheddar and Sage cheese spread from Boursin, Butter Pecan Thumbprint cookies, and a hot chocolate bar (with whipped cream, peppermint, and marshmallows)}

We didn't do the party dirt cheap, but we definitely spent less than I expected. Overall, I think the party was a hit!

Next up: The Birthday Festivities {aka pictures with people in them ;)}


  1. Everything turned out so great! I love the idea of hanging the monthly pictures. too cute!!

    1. Thanks so much! I saw it before, but I really didn't plan it very far ahead. I happened to have clothespins and I found a thing of yarn the morning of her party! HAHA Just goes to show that you can make it work ;)


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