Monday, December 10, 2012

Jillian's 1st Birthday Party: The Festivities

With Jillian being one of few children at the party, we didn't schedule any games or activities. I'm sure we'll do that plenty in the years to come :) We mostly just hung out with our guests and had Jillian's cake presentation.

Before the party, we took a quick family photo :) We definitely do not do enough of these!

Then Jillian opened her two birthday gifts from her Grandma and Papa!
{Crawling to her gifts to check them out} 

{She ripped the paper good at first, but then the pieces got smaller and smaller HAHA}
{Her first gift was a play nativity set}

{Her other gift was a baby doll!}

{Someone really loved it :)}
{This was shortly before she started to drum on it's head with both hands. Maybe siblings need to wait awhile HAHA} 

{Helping her blow out her candle} 

 {She tore off two large chunks after a minute or two, but then mostly played in the frosting, and poked the cake with her finger. At least she tried!}

{A quick clean up and costume change :)} 

{Hanging out with her favorite guy} 

{I adore this picture! Such a daddy's girl} 

{What a party :)}
{It didn't take long that evening for girlfriend to pass out}


  1. Aww she looks like she had fun!! Sweet girl. I seriously cannot believe she's about to be 1!! How time flies.

    1. I think she had a pretty good time and she was in a pretty good mood all day despite not napping at. all. Silly girl just wanted to greet all her guests HAHA. It really does fly. I'm excited to see what you do for Miss V! I know it's going to be fabulous :)


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