Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Giving Myself A Pajama Day

Reminder: Today is the last day to enter an answer in my contest/giveaway! You have until 11:59 pm CST today to make a guess. I will announce a winner on Thursday, December 13th. Good luck!

I am going to go ahead and warn you that I will have two posts tomorrow. One will be my normal monthly post for Jillian. The other will be a special entry from my hubby, Phil :) He really wanted to write something special for Jillian's birthday and I thought that would be nice! 

Yesterday was very much a stay-in-pajamas-all-day kind of day. I mean, our weekend was jammed packed and this coming weekend, (and part of the week), will be just as crazy. While a part of me wishes I had done something productive, the other part of me is proud that I took a low-key day. Jillian was good almost all day. We also figured out why she's been cranky - she has a new tooth! It's not the front tooth we've been watching carefully either! It's one of her top lateral incisor. She seems to always have two teeth coming at once, whether we realize it or not ;) We're still watching the top tooth to see if it'll come soon enough. Which reminds me, she seems to have most of her teeth on the right side. Is that common to have teeth pop up however and not equally on both sides? I'm not that worried about it, but pretty curious.

Today is Jillian's 12 month photo shoot. I'm so excited about it and hope she is in a good mood. I did have to stop writing this to put her smash cake in the oven real fast. {Ooops!}

I did lots of reflecting yesterday since it was originally my due date for Jillian. Today, I'm remembering how Phil and I visited our now church home with my mom on a cold Sunday morning. We went to brunch where I ate a huge breakfast of huevos rancheros. We relaxed at home until my dad got in from driving for two days from Minnesota, had a light dinner at Panera, then Phil and I headed to the hospital. That was the night they put in the Cervadil and Jillian's heart rate dropped significantly after an hour. Once they got her stable, the nurses took out the Cervadil, and my doctor recommended starting Pitocin at 5:30 am instead of 7:30 am. I was afraid to move the whole night in fear of needing an emergency C-section because of Jillian's heart rate. Thankfully, God was watching over both of us, and I got about 4 hours sleep that night :)

Happy Tuesday y'all!


  1. I'm glad you took a much needed PJ day! I know you probably needed it. I hope her pictures go well today! I'm sure they'll just be adorable!

    1. Thanks Jeri! She didn't smile very much, but she makes some cute faces anyways. I'm sure they'll be great too :)

  2. Those lowkey days are so necessary sometimes. While we do have lazy days, we don't have many pajamas-all-day days, and yesterday was one of those for us. I used to feel a little guilty for not getting much done, but yesterday, I just didn't care. Sometimes that's necessary. :) Good for you.

    1. You are so right! Thanks and I hope you have a much more relaxing couple of days. You deserve it!


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