Monday, March 26, 2012

15 Weeks

Since it's my birthday, what did I want to do? A photo shoot with my favorite gift from last year of course! Jillian is officially 15 weeks old and just as cute as ever! Enjoy :)
{Sweet girl} 

{Eating the Boppy} 

{Oh hi!} 

{Checking out the camera} 

{Feeling a bit timid}
{I sure do love that face!} 

{Eating her hand}

{Strengthening those neck and arm muscles!} 

{You can tell she would rather be crawling} 

{Lift that head girl!} 

{Stilling doing well} 

{A sweet smile...} 

{And she's had enough :)}

I'm hoping to do an Easter photo shoot this Thursday. As long as the weather continues to be wonderful and Phil is able to help a little, it should work out well!

p.s. Thanks to the lovely Mallorie at Happy Home, I have a Picnik replacement! Check out PicMonkey if you do watermarks, or use Picnik for other things since Picnik will be gone starting April 19th. It's still a free service and it has most of the fonts that Picnik had :)

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