Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finally March

Words cannot express just how happy I am that we're finally in the month of March. Not only was February pretty crappy, (quite literally for my folks), but March is a pretty awesome. Between St. Patrick's Day and my birthday, it's a good 31 days for me :)

I may have had some crap to deal with last month, but my parents had their sewage line back up into their basement right before their visit down here. Not only did it smell awful then, but my mom was saying the disinfectant the clean up crew used smelled just as awful. They finally have all their stuff sorted out and will be replacing the carpet with tile just in case it happens again.

Jillian did want to celebrate Leap Day yesterday, so we dressed her up in a frog romper from Target.
{What a cutie!}

{She's already acting like her mama LOL}
{According to my dad, I used to toss my skirt over my head during his children sermon's. I guess I was destined ;)}

Today, I had a lunch date with my brother! I mostly wanted to do a quick trip on the turnpike to see how Jillian would do. She did great on the way there, but was pretty upset on the way back. Luckily, it has taught me the difference between her "I'm hurting/in pain" cries and her "I'm fussy/not happy about this" cries. This way I'll be able to decipher if I should pull over or not based on her cry.
{All dressed up and ready to go!}

{My view for most of the day} 

{Uncle Mike and Jillian before we headed home}

Now why did I mention St. Patrick's Day? I know my birthday needs no explanation, but I've always been a fan of St. Patrick's Day. This is partially due to the fact that I'm Irish. However, I also like that it doesn't single out singles like Valentine's Day, you have your outfit picked for you unless you want to be pinched, and we usually attempt to eat homemade corned beef and potatoes. It's one of my three favorite holidays, though Thanksgiving will always be my overall favorite. What's my other favorite holiday? New Years Eve. The funny thing is, I don't like to do a huge celebration for New Years. That may be what makes it fun; it can be anything you want :)

I hope you're having a great start to the month!

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