Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tomorrow's Another Day

Today was rough yet again.

Basically Phil's defense will be pushed back 4 weeks for the moment. I'm praying it is not pushed back any more! We also got a nice surprise involving insurance, (read: sarcasm). They told our pediatrician that there were not even covering Jillian's hospital stay! That of course really upset Phil. He said he'll take care of it while Jillian and I are out of town. I just hope it isn't too much of a struggle. He has enough on his plate right now. Jillian was also not a super happy girl for about 80% of the day. If that means tomorrow's road trip will be easy, then I'll take it.

However, that 20%? It was the highlight of my day week year :)

See for yourself... {and please don't judge the mommy that still in her pajamas}

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