Saturday, March 10, 2012

Video Killed the Radio Star

We interrupt the normal writing portion of this blog to bring you four videos!

Last Sunday night, Jillian was really trying to roll from her back to her belly. She didn't quite get there, but it was definitely progress :)

If you follow me on Twitter, I talked about how Jillian laughed for the first time on Thursday night! However, when I got the camera to capture this wonderful moment... it died. Not only that, but it died right before she laughed for the last time. le sigh. Anyways, this is the missed moment.

Last night, we tried getting her on camera splashing in her tub. This is what we got.
Disclaimer: No naked babies in this video. She was covered by a washcloth :)

Finally, I was playing with Jillian this morning and I got two little laughs on camera!! They don't really happen until 1:47 and 2:03. Enjoy :)

Happy Saturday!

"Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles from The Age of Plastic


  1. She is just the sweetest little thing! I want to snuggle her!

    1. Thank you! She is definitely a sweetie :)


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