Monday, March 26, 2012

Home Again, Home Again

Jillian and I returned home to Phil late Saturday. We ended up driving a different way home and went through Springdale, AR to get to Tulsa. This added almost an hour of driving and a 5th new state for Jillian. It all worked out at the end though :) In the end, we logged roughly 2,484 miles and 42 hours of driving time. Worth it? You bet! The weather cooperated the entire drive home and I did get to see a little blue Minnesota sky before I left town. It was a great, (and much needed), trip and I'm so thankful everuthing went fairly well. Jillian was only a little fussy a few times and still slept like a doll. Here are a few photos from the end of our trip.

{We bought Jillian an infant-to-toddler rocking chair for my parents house. I really like this one and Jillian seemed to enjoy having it :)} 

{For Jillian's 4th state, we drove to Baldwin, WI to visit my mom at work. You could tell Jemma was quite proud of Miss Jillian} 

{Thursday night, my dad and I took Jillian to Acapulco in Maplewood for dinner. It was my first time to eat there and it was really good!}

{Posing outside of my folks house, (with her special pink Minnesota boots), before we headed to Kansas City on Friday}

Today was a little rough on us in terms of Phil's school, but I tried to still enjoy the day because it's my birthday :) I was reminiscing about last year and the fact that I was already carrying Jillian even though I didn't know it yet! I asked Phil to hold any major celebration until my half birthday due to our financial situation. However, he and my parents made sure I had a special day!
 {Tulips from my parents!}

 {Birthday cards from Jillian and Phil with special birthday coupons :)}

{Tulips from Phil, (do you see a theme here? =P), and candy from my in-laws} 

{My birthday "cake" - 4 cupcakes from Gigi's!}
{From left to right from top: Italian Cream Wedding Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Merry Margarita, and Lava Love}

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